Is mortal kombat the only fighter that does this?

I was just playing mortal kombat and noticed that the fighters actually hit each other. Whereas most fighters they have some little flash or effect when the hit lands. I always thought it was so the hits wouldn’t look weird not hitting completely but in Mortal Kombat 9 I’ve noticed that they don’t have a flash or anything, just blood but it’s not blurring the hit.

Any other fighters that do this, don’t show an effect when there is a hit.

I don’t think Virtua Fighter has hitsparks either.

I want to say Killer Instinct, but I just watched a video of the arcade version’s combos, and it had a tiny, microscopic hitspark, so I don’t think it counts.

DoA doesnt have any either

VF doesn’t have hit sparks, per say, but for counterhits or side hits, there’s a subtle glow of color (yellow or blue) where the hit occurs. Final Showdown has the “sweat hit effect” for counter hits now.

Hitsparks are important for confirmation of hits. MK9, of course, lacks this element of design.