Is Mortal Kombat X Good? Why are there hardly any threads on it?

Hello. I have already purchased Street Fighter Ultra IV but I’m wondering if I should also buy Mortal Kombat X. I’d like to ask you guys if you think it is good, specifically for online multiplayer matches.
Do you find the combat fun, balanced and competitive? Furthermore, is it a game that you think will last a while or will the interest in multiplayer games fade quickly? It has a decent number of people playing on Steam, admittedly a lot less than SFU IV.

Thanks for your responses.

Other place besides SRK…

The game is good, the online multiplayer is a piece of shit.

Also this is not really fair.
You have to fiddle with how the forum is being displayed to even see the Mortal Kombat forums, which is also part of the reason why that forum is pretty much dead.

Ah, I see. So you’re saying the multiplayer on other games, like SF IV is far superior to MK X?
If it makes any difference, I’m Australian, so might have to deal with a higher ping.
I watched a few esports events with MK X in them and one thing I saw was how long and strong combos were. Kitana kept other characters up in the air and unable to react for a very long time. Has this been changed?

I personally don’t like the game at all. Think it’s too mix up heavy and repetitive gameplay wise. Everyone’s jumping and crouching normals are too similar and just the overall mood of the game visually is a bit too drab for me, but others seem to like it.

If you like a game that is aggressive and doesn’t have much downtime, it’s good for that. Like said, you’re better off having people to play it with offline because the netcode is very sluggish and not many people are online anymore.

Because this isn’t Test Your Might.

Even as SRK tries to be more inclusive with games, it’s still biased towards Capcom games. You’re still more likely to get discussion about MK in an MK/NRS specific forum like TYM.

I play the game often, but it’s not that good of a game, they went too far with the 50/50s, releasing patches every month is also turning me off, I don’t have a problem with damage scaling, but making certain strings no longer cancellable is just stupid, I’m still pissed that Mileena can’t no longer cancel her f3, 4, 3 string.

The long combos are a core part of the game. That’s not changing. There is a mechanic called breaker in which you can spend meter to break out of a combo at anytime though. But if you don’t like combo heavy or very aggressive fighters. Then pass on MKX.

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