Is Mr. Flash Metroid dead?

I think Uryo and Flash died, combined souls, and possessed the already sick ass Wolfkrone.

Uh… just saying.

Good shit Wolfkrone for leveling up and winning a lot recently without being a blatant asshole.

Yeah this thread was needed. Eat a dick and then go throw yourself off a bridge. It would be the best thing for you.

ugh… seriously. the fuck with these threads everytime wolfkrone does something.

Yo, WK sent that dude Flash an envelope full of salty mayonnaise. Overnight delivery.

wong thinks wolfkrone>>flash. gg everyones opinion.

uh-oh… here we go again.


It is posts like these that make me miss rep. :lol:

Can you not just give it a fucking rest already?

grabs popcorn

Nah! Of course not! Gotta let all the forum trash get in here and shit on players they’ve never met before.

Love how people talk like Flash is a dick and Wolfkrone has always been the black Daigo, all quiet and respectful. These bitches didn’t know who the fuck Wolfkrone even was before this year, or what a mouthy little douche he used to be when he thought he was hot shit for placing higher than Deviljin at SB, lol. Any of you bitches remember that? nah didn’t think so.

We all forgive and forget though, cause he continues to rep Viper and be humble, which is great. Flash continue to rep Viper and yet no one wants to forgive him for being a hard ass? gtfo and go start this shit up on eventscrubs.

Both of these guys are great guys in real life, and both of them are gdlk Vipers. Stop trying to come in here and start petty bullshit to fuel your worthless forum trolling lives.

I remember this, it was basically a big argument, except it was condensed in one topic instead of the entire viper section with bullshit threads like this.

Then agains most of the people came during SF4 was released, they have no idea how crazy the scene used to be in regards to flaming and shit. Thrashtalking is a poart of the scene, get over it. Flash is a good viper, so is wolf, what else needs to be said?

the reason this forum is always raging, unlike the other char threads is because of how frustrating it can be to play this character.

all that pent up rage blown out by all of u is normal. I used to be pretty pissed off myself most of the time cause of Viper.
It also doesnt help that NO ONE enjoys fighting Viper. So even more resentment and rage.

I like looking at Viper in her new costume :X

Win more please.

You forgot to mention their own lives are big piles of burning shit.
In other news,it helps to let track records speak for themself.

you are officially one of my favorite people on the forums lol

Who gave you permission to /thread?

Stream monsters have become forum monsters.


u aint never seen godlike reactions such as these SON

Flash is the T.O. of Viper. Sit down, man.

Wolfkrone is the Magic Johnson of Viper. He in there. No HIV.

Lmao… thats the funniest thing I’ve seen in SF in a long time. Get yoked up.

If there was any reason to bring back rep…