Is Mr. Flash Metroid dead?

Thank god for your post bringing in the sense Wonderswan. All of it is 100% truth, every last word.

wolfkrone was a high level player in calibur 4 when tons of people were playing it in michigan… it’s not like sf4 was his first game… of course 95% of the people on this site can’t see past srk

Anyone notice top player dick tastes like peaches? Is that just me?


But I’d have to say more like strawberries dipped in cream.

You can’t say “this” when you started the stupid thread

looking at the bp’s and streaks for Uryo, it seemed like he swapped for Sakura in AE. Theres like no signs of Uryo using viper…

lol wtf…

LOL!!! @ Salty Mayo…

This. Boyyyyyy, if I could rep you…

c viper lag tactics won wolfkrone online tourney…offline…not so much :tup:

Didn’t he win a offline tournament just before EVO online?

Troll atempt 3/10

u know us vipers and lag tactics!

Stay Mortons SRK.

I love how on edge everyone in the Street Fighter IV section is these past few weeks. Its given me so much ease to troll and derail threads. Stay free posters on SRK, and good game OP!

Nah, the viper section is always like this. Probably from all the rage of losing and blaming it on the fact she’s so hard ahmawgawd. I noticed an influx of trolls lately though, must be because of of AE coming out giving easy troll bait.

michigan tourneys dont count!

For goodness sakes someone just make a “bitch about Flashmetroid” thread so we don’t have five thousand similar threads everytime a viper player who isn’t flash does something cool.

I know someone should just make a “Pad players will never be good vipers… Official FlashMetroid Bitching Thread” and just get it over with.

lol :smiley:

Flash is steadily upping is game, like everybody else. However, imo, he’s working on some shit that’s too deep. Why were you so strong before and now your in a slump? Its not cuz this ain’t vanilla. Its because back then your viper was simple and effective (kinda like a viper who is getting praised now).Yo Flash, you got the gears in place, you don’t need new ones they just need to rotate faster. PS. Viper SJC better with less peeps on her clit.

I have noticed this recently after watching a bunch of my matches from a year ago I was ahead of the time back then and you are sort of right but not really theres nothing wrong with how am I playing the problem is I haven’t mastered it yet. I could just play super basic like I use to but I think this new play style is much better and it will show once I get it down