Is MvC origins a good idea for someone who found mvc2 to be overwhelming?


I bought mvc2 twice an just can’t get into it. I’m so accustomed to mvc3 that it’s really hard for me to unlearn stuff and relearn it and not make mistakes frequently. Also mvc2 has such tough competition online and it’s just so crazy, even when I watch matches it just looks like a jumblefuck, that i cant make sense of it and I can’t seem to get off the ground with it. Watching MvC origins matches I don’t get that feeling.

Is mvcO easier to pick up than 2? Would you guys recommend mvc1 to someone who had a real hard time trying to learn mvc2?


You might as well just play MvC2 online if you’re going to play console. Better competition and a better game.
It takes a lot more dedication to get better at MvC2 by yourself online than any other game in my opinion. If you really love the game then you need to practice and ditch whatever low tier team you are using at the moment (If you are using low tier)

You might adjust to MvC:O better though. It is on GGPO for free if you wanna give it a shot. It’s a pretty broken game and people on GGPO love to talk shit, so you’ve been warned.


It depedns what your looking for. MvC origins doesn’t really have stable competition (better off finding them in GGPO and Supercade). If MvC2 is overwhelming, it may be best to take a break here and their. How ever if the game i becoming frustrating than may best to just find another game that you’ll enjoy more.

In sense I think MvC origins may be good fit as it similar to MvC3. Both games are very punishing games and relatively high damage out put./ MvC2 is not as combo heavy as CMV made it out to look like. Alot of times their more reset/ mix ups, and cross up going on than long combos. MvC2 may be overwhelming but Origins is far less forgiving, lucky don’t last as long as MvC2 or MvC3 matches.

So here is your poisons.
one is extremely painful but short lasting while another is mild painful but long lasting.