Is MvC2 playable with the Hori EX2?

Reason I ask is because on the xbox live arcade version of the game you cannot map actions to the RT and LT buttons. On the Hori EX2 the RT and LT are face buttons and the game requires you to use the LB and RB which happen to be small buttons along the top of the EX2. So if anyone has played this game with this controller I would love to know how its possible.

yeah just saw that after I made the thread, my bad

My brother is playing with an EX2, and it certainly seems like all his buttons are mapped…

well, you need to read before you post.

Also, the question is yes. You can configure the button layout to match any stick you’d want to use.

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I did actually look for a MvC2 forum but all I see is the strategy zone, brand new around here so is that the forum your referring to?

Yeah. The mod probably made that rule sound so strict because of the influx of new members due to MvC2. just to be safe, in the future post all MVC2 stuff there.

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