Is mvc2 worth picking up for fun?


is mvc2 worth picking up for fun? i just want a fighter with decent netcode that i can play. as much as i like umvc3 i heard it doesnt have great netcode and i dont have friends that play fighters :frowning:


Yes but it isn’t the same game as umvc3 at all though.


Of course it is, it lasted for almost a decade competitively and gave the FGC a lot of its most-hype all-time events!

Yeah, it’s nothing like UMvC3 though. Get ready for a completely different game. They’re as different as CvS2 to Super Turbo.


UMVC3 gets people sad
MVC2 turns people into feral beasts


Yes yes yes. The greatest fighter. Not only can you experience great peaks of happiness and valleys of sorrow, but you can also stack that paper to the ceiling.



MVC2 is always worth picking up.
Before you go online, hit up training mode and watch videos, hit up wikis and peep the mvc2 sub forums for info.
Pick a good team.
Then go online.

Like everyone else mentioned. It’s a very different game. It’s still Marvel so If you know how to play Marvel then you have a head start.
Marvel games are like vanila ice cream w/ different toppings.
Ice cream being the main stuff that’s always in Marvel games (magic series, supers, tagging etc. etc.)
Toppings being the stuff that differentiates two cups of the same ice cream (otg windows, dhc glitch, xfactor, etc.)


Yes its a awesome game, although it isn’t the same game as UMVC3, it has WAY more characters.


You will have the execution of a god if you pick Mags

MvC2 is ALWAYS a yes :wink:


yes its worth it, but something tells me you wont be playing this for long if you take it online in search of “just playing for fun”


Marvel 2 isn’t "fun"
Marvel 2 is a religion.


mvc2?? playing for fun??? I doesn’t comprehend.


If fun is slamming your head against the wall after getting raped by MSP then yeah it’s plenty fun.


Marvel 2 is really fun to play with friends so if you have a few mates who are into the game then definitely pick it up


playing casually? yes
playing competitively? heck no


Marvel 2 is the funnest fighting game ever made end of story. Nothing can top it. Only tie with it at best.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is a hater and you should disregard their opinion.


there is no casual play when playing this game, youre either good or you suck


I remember playing this alot with my brother on the ps2, we always played without knowing about the air combos or that magneto is one of the best characters in the game. (my team is jill/ironman/jin lol) we always had alot of fun playing the game with doing very simple combos like iron man’s air smart bomb+knee dive. So in my opinion, playing mvc2 casually (yes this does exist) is very fun. I guess I suck at mvc2 lol


you can mash and have fun

you can play at a high level and have just as much fun

my point is that the fun is going to be there if you enjoy the game regardless. casual play is more how often you play it, not how good/bad you are at it. alot of people dont want to pu the work into a fighting game and just go “oh i only play it casually” as an excuse for not knowing what they are doing.


Marvel 2 lends itself to being competitive… every time you fight someone higher lvl than you… you get bodied. This in turn causes you to want to level up… then you can fight new people and body them… until you find someone better again. It is like super turbo or third strike in that way… …except the ceiling is even higher on skill levels. Even sanford or justin would find new tricks if they hit training mode for a good length of time again… …pretty damn impressive considering their level…

What wouldn’t be fun about a game with near limitless potential for growth and expansion? The hype never stops either… just check the xbl and psn threads for mvc2 if you wanna see…


It has only 6 more characters