Is my "can work anywhere/any character" Valentine combo okay or does it need some work?

XX Cancel
/\ Super Jump
/ Landed
-> Link together
LP Low Punch or Jab
MP Medium Punch or Strong
HP High Punch or Fierce
LK Low Kick or Short
MK Medium Kick or Forward
HK High Kick or Roundhouse
j. Jumping
sj. Super Jumping
dj. Double Jumping
s. Standing
c. Crouching
ad Air Dash
[] Repeat or follow special instructions
() Number of times the normal hits.
OTG Off the Ground
(notations shamelessly stolen from: and from PHYSICAL THERAPY: VALENTINE COMBO THREAD
My notation: {} - what I add, {prob} - what problems that may occur and should advise to look at “Help” section, {Slide} - when the attack makes a untechable knockback that make the character per say slide.

If the opponent:
{standing right next to you} -> s.LP[{prefx2}x3] {prob} > s.LK > s.MP[x2]{prob} > s.MK{prob} > c.HP{prob}> {jump towards}> j.LP > j.MP (all 4-5 hits) > ad{prob} > j.MK > j.HK> / > s.LP[x3] > s.MP[x2] > s.MK > s.HK [x3]{Slide} > {BlockBuster} aka special or 214 LP

{crouching right next to you} -> c.LP or c.LK[x2] {maybe both} > s.MP[x2]{prob} > c.MK ({pref.1} 2 hits) > c.HP{prob} > {jump towards}> j.LP > j.MP (all 5 hits) > ad{prob} > j.MK{prob} > j.HK{prob}> / > dash > s.LP[x3] > s.MP[x2]{prob} > s.MK > s.HK [x3]{Slide} > {BlockBuster} aka special or 214 LP


This combo have some problems;

s.LP mid-short range of a hit box. The first two s.LP are CRUCIAL and needs to hit no matter what. The 1st s.LP hit crouching but the 2nd hit will whiff so keep that in mind. 3rd hit will hit crouching too so if you whiff 2nd hit you can use this to make up for your blunder.

s.MP[x2] have a somewhat mid-short range of a hit box. In some cases can actually whiff or drop if the opponent just above the hitbox. I advise to time you hits correctly by either rush the first s.MP if they’re light or about to whiff, or getting to the next part of the combo as fast as possible

c.HP have a really short range hit box. It need to require the second s.MP to drag the victim closer so that it can connect correctly. This move is punishable on block so don’t willy nilly use it if your combo drops.

ad > j.MK > j.HK so many things could go wrong or right with this part of the combo.

ad > j.MK- this part has these scenarios:

1.Best scenario: Goes correctly
2.Somewhat workable: dash behind the opponent

For #2: it only happen mid screen and on Painwheel, Double, Peacock and Filia because their overall character hit-boxes changes in the air by shrinking or their hit-box very short, and j.LP brings down the victim lower towards the ground making Valentine ad arc go over the victim. I advice to test it out in training mode to know what actually happens and adjust accordingly. This is could be good or bad depending if you’re victim didn’t expect that you’ll be behind him/her. The combo does work so no “It doesn’t work” comments it does work but differently than what you expect.

j.HK mid-short range of a hit box. - It all about the timing the 2nd hit. Too early sends them very high that makes it impossible to continue the combo. Too late makes j.HK whiff the 2nd hit or doesn’t hit at all which usually if you land too early. you can miss the 1st hit but the 2nd hit is a must and actually the first hit could mess up the combo so watch out for that.


This is my first somewhat long but detailed guide to my combo. I want some more opinion from other people because I’m kinda tired of seeing people using basically the same mid corner to corner combo and can’t do a simple mid screen combo. If you like, hate, suggest another combo, found something interesting about it, add something to this, etc etc etc. I don’t really care what other have to say about this combo, I just want some feedback or least someone came on this forum and just comment.