Is my game defective? (PS3 users preferred)

im having input delay sometimes and sometimes (but very rarely get low frames per second). i noticed the first day i got the disc that i could see through the bottom of the disc and see the label which i never seen before on a ps3 game. and the initial game install when i first put the game in took about an hour. the 2 main questions i have r 1. can u see through ur disc also? and 2. did ur game take anywhere near as long to install?

I cannot see through my disc and my game took like fifteen minutes to install.

I am sorry.

sounds like a busted disc to me. might wanna take it back if you can

thanks for ur input. and r u on a ps3?

I have the PS3 version and I can see through the disc, it’s not really seeing through as it seems like the disc is almost glass like. If you put it up to a light you can clearly see through it. Probably just the way they printed the disc label. I think mine took about half a hour maybe 20min. The install is dependent on multiple variables, such as PS3 and what model and how old. Probably how much HDD space and the speed of your HDD. All these things factor.

Input lag might be because of your TV if it’s a plasma. They tend to have some input lag in games.

ive seen plenty of discs that are kinda see through and it isnt exclusive to the ps3 either. the install thing does seem a bit excessive though it shouldnt really take an hour at all. is the PS3 old or have trouble reading discs sometimes?

it sounds more like a ps3 problem to me im sure the disc is fine.

no the ps3 is less than a year old and its the 320gb model. my other games took nowhere near that long. im still not sure if the game is broken or not now that u say they r supposed to be see through. i was starting to think it was in my head cuz it doesnt happen that often and the game is fast. but today i pressed a bunch of buttons in about 1-2 seconds and nothing happened my guy just stood there. do u think i should return it?

Have you done any maintenance on your PS3? Opened it up, blown it out, and taken a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to the boards and components? This, in my experience, tends to be the number one contributor to system slowdowns and other problems. I clean my PS3 out every month, and it runs A LOT better than my friend’s systems.

you can always try to return it, get another one and see if your problem is the disc or not.

If you cannot exchange it anymore, then borrow a disc from a friend and see for yourself…

I never saw a defective PS3 disc (or any original game disc for that matter) but there’s always a possibility.

no. my ps3 is fairly new and i only have problems with this game. do u leave ur ps3 on the floor? or leave it in a very dusty place? u shouldnt have to clean ur ps3 that often.

No, not on the floor or in a dusty place, but unless you live in a laboratory, there’s always dust in the air, and the PS3 is pulling in that dust. I don’t necessarily have to clean it out that often, but I do it anyway. Mostly its just take 1-2 q-tips to the boards and around the fan ducts.

It’s not likely at all that your disc is messed up. If that were the case, you’d maybe have slow loading times, but it’d be fine once the game started.

If you’re seriously getting 1-2 second input lag, the first thing I’d check is your controller.

Don’t wanna sound demeaning, but are you sure you’re not just unfamiliar with how the game works? Inputs get buffered quite a bit during hitstop in this game - for example, if you block a bionic arm, then input a special, it really does take about a second for anything to happen. Same for characters like Nova.

that has nothing to do with the disk.

If theres a disk error then there wont be input lag but simply choppyness, like a scratched disk, if the system can’t read the disk or something it’ll skip it hence no input lag but simply jumps forward.

This is more of a hardware issue than anything.

(i’ve worked for a wii disc manufacture before and the building also had a bluray disc machine too so i know what i’m talking about)

The chance of a defective disk is very very low, the machine spits out like 1 disk per second, then goes through all these procedure and shit. I personally thrown out hundreds of disk per shift for simple dust, the silver coating edge isn’t “round enough” all these stupid things that practically has 0% to do with the disc’s playability, and hundreds from 1 machine, while we have like 8+ machines running, and only my department. sooo thousands of disc per day gets thrown out for tiny ass defect.