Is my Gen missing a bunch of moves?

i seem to be missing some of gens moves from his command list. like Rolling Attack (Jyasen) and Off the Wall Jump (Oga). its not on the command list and even though i try to hold back 2 sec and forward + punch the rolling attack is not coming out. Its weird. am i missing a patch or update??

is there some moves missing from my command list? look at the pic in the link.

wall jumping isn’t a grab or attack… most other wall jumpers dont have that on their command list.
you probably didn’t hold it for 2.0 seconds, try holding it for 3 seconds.

Gen’s wall jumping is the same as a Guile’s flash kick. I can do the flash kick everytime and Gen’s just not coming out. the rolling attack is also not coming out.


You’re speaking of Crane style specials. You have to be in Crane style in order to pull them off.

sorry i never used gen before. i just figure out gens command list has 2 pages. thought there was only one when i post this thread. i am going to go through the trials now. thanks.

You also missed the Gen SF4 board. Let me shove you over.

There is two pages to the command list, press right once you are on the page.

hahahahha I remember doing this when I first played Gen and I was like this char sucks, he only has one move and then I played a Gen online and he owned me with all these crazy moves I had never seen before and I had to check the char out.