Is My Internet To Slow?

I’m in Canada Eh! I have an internet of 3mb’s (300mb download speed) I lag in almost all my matchis, I think i play mostly americans but im 45 mins away from the boarder (hour away from vancouver), is it because my nets slow and crappy, or is it because im just far from the majority of players?

I wish i could fix this but my net provider says i cant buy faster net.

Are you behind a firewall? What about your NAT type? 3mbs should be more than enough to play decently online.

i should of mentioned that i am useing wireless internet for my xbox, my computer goes at 3mbs when i download stuff… could it be my wireless?

also im not sure.

Wireless could very well be the problem. SF4 and wifi don’t mix well.

I’m on Wifi and I played a guy with so little input lag that I didn’t even drop a link. (Me Brisbane, him Sydney)
Might be because my Wifi card isn’t a pile of junk.

Cool, I guess your one match vs one person makes WiFi OK for everyone all the time.

Of course not, but it clearly shows Wifi doesn’t inherently cause unplayable lag as many people seem to preach.
It merely casts a shadow of doubt on Wifi being "the problem"
Also none of my other games have been laggy aside from one where I played an American.

i agree i have 1 360 with wifi and 1 wired and they both run fine for me, but i could recommend don’t except any match under a green bar even if it is yellow don’t take the bait just wait for green

I also have 1 wifi and 1 wired xbox and they both work fine, but wireless connections are limited to 54Mbps. Also if your xbox is far from your router with a lot of interference (thick walls, other electronic signals, etc.) it could cause problems. Nothing wrong with plugging it up and seeing if you get better results!

Which for most people is an order of magnitude faster than their broadband connection.

Check you router to make sure your console is getting through your NAT firewall unscathed. It may be beneficial to pickup a router that handles UPNP with lighting speed. I run one of these in my home without a hitch and my work related Internet usage is a lot more demanding than any videogame.

That is a nice router which will do the job well, what router do you have at the moment, Blaziner? The internet itself should not pose an issue. What is your [Higher numbers can cause more lag issues. Mine clocks in at 26ms(which is low).

Even if it is an older model, there is still hope as DD-WRT(I recommend this) or OpenWRT(Faster, but is much more difficult to set up) may be able to run on it which will greatly increase efficiency.

Actually, with the current Wireless N standard, wireless connections can reach 450mbps with the proper technology. The Linksys E4200 can reach 450mbps, which is much faster than most household internet connections.](http://www.pingtest.netping speed?[/url)