Is my MAS dead?

I tried to play some 3S today and when i plugged in my MAS it didn’t work. Previously when i play MVC2 on nullDC sometimes the stick seems to be disconnected. It even came to a point where i had to angle the wire (put it on top of my speaker) in order for the computer to communicate with the stick. I’m not too sure what the problem is. Has anyone else experienced this problem yet? If so was there anything to be done to fix this problem besides sending the unit back to MAS themselves?

The wire to the stick might be frayed. You could cut the cord up and search for the wire that’s frayed, or if you’re like me and don’t want to go through that hassle replace the pcb with a another pcb of your choice.

I wouldn’t suggest sending it back to Mas because it’ll take them a lifetime to fix it and return it to you.

I think Tetsuosan got it right. Try to locate the fray by bending different parts of the cord. Once you locate it, cut off that section of the cord, then splice/solder the wires back together. Don’t forget to insulate with electrical tape or heat shrink stuff.

Well i guess i could give that a try. Sending it to MAS would take 5 years to get it back

Try gently pushing the cable into the box and wiggling a ‘tiny’ bit. If that makes it act up, the fray is not in the wire, it’s at the connection from the cord to the board.