Is my panel too thick to install a Sanwa?

I have an old happ stick I recently took out of storage…and I wanna give it new life with new parts.

I want to install a bat top Sanwa stick…
BUT…the top panel is almost exactly 2 cm. Heres a pic:

I’ve never really seen a custom stick that had a Sanwa installed in a panel as thick as mine…so if anyone knows off hand, or can link me to a post that clarifies how thick a panel can be before becoming too thick to install a Sanwa…let me know. :slight_smile:


If you put in a Sanwa bat top it will sit a little low probably, but will still be good. Otherwise you’d want to route out a little.

Thanks for the (super fast) reply…
I see…I guess I could go with a balltop, I don’t mind them.

Thanks again!

You’ll definitely want to route some material out of that stick. If you try to bottom-mount on something that thick, the stick will ride low as hell.

yea. thats exactly what you need to do