Is my pcb ruined?


I hope someone can tell me, and I hope I can explain it well enough.

I am modding my FS3 with sanwa buttons. When desoldering the original buttons one of the silver discs (contact?) that is where the old buttons were soldered directly to the board has fallen off and disappeared. That was the only button that wasn’t working. I am not using the L1/L2 buttons so can I remove the contact from one of those ones and put it on the button its missing for? The PCB looks pretty burned where it would be. How can I attach the contact to the PCB?

I hope someone can help me.


Sounds like the contact fell off. Sorry to say I don’t think there is a way to fix that.


follow the green trace line from where the contact originally meet up. You can use an exacto knife and scrap off the green paint to expose the copper underneath and you can then solder to that instead of the original pad.


I don’t know anything about the PCB your talking about. And don’t know much about soldering either tbh. but If there’s no alternative contacts on the pcb. then you have solder onto the copper strip which goes to the contact. That’s the only way.


Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up wiring that button to a different set of contacts. My layout looks like,
[] L2 R1
X O R2, but at least it works :smiley: