Is my progress normal?

I’ve been playing SF4 since January of this year, 2011. It was my first fighting game. I’m now a huge fan, but I feel like I’m trying to push down a brick wall. I’ve been getting better and better, but I feel like lately I’m staying exactly the same. I generally hover between 1500-2000 PP and around 5500-6000 BP but I never seem to be able to break that limit. Is this normal?

Yes, it is. Everyone reaches a plateau or wall eventually. You’ve only started early, you have a long road ahead of you if you choose to keep playing.

I’m not the greatest, and until recently, I’ve been playing SF4 2+ years (almost 3… end of arcade vanilla and start of console vanilla). It took me almost that long to get anywhere with Chun too. To this day, I’m kinda slow at downloading my opponents and learning new stuff too. :lol:

Try not to sweat BP/PP (or even online mode in general) too much, either. If you can somehow get offline comp or meets, that would be better too, imo

It goes without saying that players develop at different levels, some faster than others. If I were you, try not to focus a great degree of attention on your ranking points as this can ultimately lead to a huge source of discouragement. The best way to gauge your progress is to seek out players whose skill level is equivalent or better than your own aptitude.

Conduct sessions with them regularly and ask questions when you come across situations you struggle with in the match. It’s important to also seek out a broad range of players capable of playing more than one character, this will help to expand your matchup knowledge.

Over time, you should you be able to consistently beat these players – this is a sign of progress, which should motivate you to reach out for stronger competition. Think of it a lot like working a muscle. Work at it, endeavor to keep a positive attitude and the end results will pay off.

Hope that helps.

Hit me up if you’d like to have a session – I am currently online now and usually can be found on XBL during evenings.

yea online helps somewhat I personally am now just looking to get better and dont care much for ranked matches just do endless with like 3-4 good players to help u get better…remember that ur experience is something u can take with u…BP/PP u can…only can show it online. Get your offline experience too like 4neqs said and online…good sessions…green bars endless battles with ppl.

I got started online too in summer of 2009, I must say it did help to play against real people. But I started to realize that most of the top players or just relatively good players compete. It really helps to play locally, make friends, and eliminate that lag element. I still have yet to do that, but I don’t have time like that anymore.

I wouldn’t go by the online point system as a measure of your progress. As you never know who is on the other end of the avatar that you are facing. Progress in this game can really be measured by knowledge and execution. When you can see what it coming and prevent, minimize, or reverse the strategy of your opponent then you are progressing.