Is my sanwa stick defective?


Hi guys, noob here :slight_smile:
As a fan of fighting games I’ve finally decided to get an arcade stick so I purhased a Venom stick and modded it with full sanwa.

Unfortunately, I’m asking for help because the sanwa stick I’ve installed, which is a JLF-TP-8YT from arcadeworlduk, has the internal metal washer going sometimes out of place.
I neither know if that’s an issue or expected, but you can feel it while playing when it happens and it’s very annoying

Now, I’ve done some research and found lot of different opinions about that, which basically are:
Glue it down on the plastic.
Just clean the grease.
Remove the washer completely, it’s useless.
This is how it works so leave it as is.

I’m a complete noob about this stuff so I’m really begging for help here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t glue it
  2. Clean the grease, and re-lube it
  3. The washer is there to stabilize the spring base, it should not be removed
  4. The metal washer should not be moving to the point that you notice it while playing

Are you sure everything is assembled correctly?


Never, never ever glue anything down.

And re-lube it with Shin-Etsu G-40M or Molykotte 44

No, leave it in place. Its there to stabilize the spring base.


I know what you mean about the washer. You can feel some sort of “click” in a certain direction right? I had that problem but I fixed it by breaking it in by using it. Also plz don’t remove the washer…


I guess… well I hope, it came from the shop already assembled.

I will try to clean the grease and re-lube it


ok so while disassembling it, I’ve noticed a ton of grease between the washer and the plastic spring base which was sticking them together. Grease was everywhere between stick palstic base and PCB.
So as soon as you started moving the stick in a direction, the spring base was sometime taking the washer away.

I’ve just cleaned that grease in excess leaving just a bit on the washer only and the problem seems gone for now. Could that be the cause? Could the guy who built it have played too much with the grease?


Nah, it seems they are greasing those mofos like that on purpose these days.


So should I put it back there or what I did is fine? I’ve no more issues so far but I don’t want to break it during next months because it’s supposed to be there too. I’ve seen a guide on how to re-lube the stick and they didn’t put the grease where I removed it.


@Astro81 You should be fine. Just run with it as is and see how it does going forward. Good job not being too scared to open it up and dig in there.


Thanks for the support guys


It’s a regular problem due to excess of grease, it leaks down making the spring cover to stick to the metal washer. You actually don’t need to relube anything, just clean both pieces along with the leaked excess on the body. Hope this help.