Is my sealed copy MVC3: SE gonna be worth anything, when UMVC3 comes out?

I just returned one of my MVC3: SE(PS3) @ Walmart today and I have another sealed copy. Should I return it or should I keep it? I don’t know if it’s gonna be worth anything once UMVC3 comes out. What do you guys think?

it will make a FANTASTIC coaster

keep it I say. always nice to add one to your collection of games.

lovin’ the Rockman figure, btw.

Give it to me.

Oh wait ps3. Return it

Bro the game itself is worthless right now.

And your copy is PS3? This ain’t your lucky day.

But think of all the things you could do with it. You could use it as a paperweight. You could use it to hold up the side of your bed that’s sagging. You could use it as an oil pan when you change your engine oil. You could use it to sign something when you don’t have a surface handy.