Is my Sixaxis the right one?

I see this thread -…&postcount=372
about telling from the outside if you have the right one, but then there’s…&postcount=571
that says basically the first way doesn’t necessarily work.

So I took apart my sixaxis and now I’m still not sure whether I have the right one. I think so - it has a 20 pin ribbon connected, but I don’t know if it’s a push pin or whatever. Sorry for my newbiness.

Also, I started noticing these threads specifically say “DS3” - so is a regular sixaxis always going to work?

thanks for any help.

I’m assuming that you are talking about using your Sixaxis in conjunction with either ShinJN or Toodles’ AXISdapters. In that case, all regular Sixaxis controllers work, and only certain models of the DualShock 3 will work. You can tell whether or not your controller is a SixAxis or DS3 by reading the top of it. The Sixaxis says ‘only’ Sixaxis while the DS3 says both Sixaxis and DualShock 3. The DS3 is also noticeably heavier.

awesome, thank you. Yes, your assumption is right - I am talking about using the axisadapter and/or making my own.

It’s a sixaxis, not a DS3, so I should be good to go. Great news!