Is my stick fixable?

Hey can I fix this…? My stick’s directional movements stopped working because a wire broke on the inside. The other end is soldered/hot glue’d to what I believe is the PCB( I don’t know because I bought this stick from somebody else).

mine did the same thing so i ordered a new stick from lizard lick but you migt be able to get away with just ordering the pcb. A picture would help.

Sounds like a fixable problem, but no one can help you if you don’t show a picture, or a drawing of what is broken.

if the wire is still stuck to the pcb and the stick you could probably just ]
cut the broken part out then strip each end
twist them together
then electrical tape or heat shrink the gap

My stick is kinda cluttered on the inside and like I said I didn’t mod it or anything but the guy who owned it before did. I’m not too sure what to take pictures of but I’ll do it anyway.

This seems like good idea…I’d appreiciate if you looked at the pictures and let me know what you think

Take picture of the broken wire

1st and 3rd pic are pictures of the PCB and that lonley black wire is one end that broke off. Directional inputs aren’t working on the controller and it looks like this is connected to that part of the PCB.

2nd pic I hung the red wire off the end and that was connected to the black wire(at least I think it was, but I was messing with something else when it broke)…but now I’m confused because they are 2 different colors and this is the only one like that. I bought this stick from somebody else, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions that the wires were fucked up in the first place.

Black is usually ground which would explain how 1 wire breaking will stop all of your directions from not working.

I can’t really identify the problem. Your pictures really suck. They’re blurry and it’s a bees nest in there. Sorry.

Either way I still stick to my original suggestion.

I musta took like 15 pictures and those were the 3 best ones lol. But yeah it’s pretty cluttered.

When you said “cut the broken part out”, did you mean seperate it from the PCB? I don’t know how to solder. But I understand the strip each end then twist them together part.

It’s difficult to understand what your problem is and your blurry pictures didn’t help. This is what I’m understanding so far and if I’m correct then this will be your easy fix:

If this isn’t your problem then you’re going to have to provide us with more informaton in order for us to help you

Yeah you got it. I’m going to go ahead and give that a try and if it doesn’t work…I’ll just order a brand new stick this time lol.

If your wiring is messed up, buying a new stick wont help.

nice ms paint skills :stuck_out_tongue:

It was fun, I enjoyed doing it

yeh dude, top notch paint skills, straight to the point, kudos!