Is my stick on the way out?

I have a Hori RAP EX, and have had it for a number of years now (4/5 years maybe?). The joystick and the buttons were replaced (not by me) and are sanwas.

So, just starting yesterday, my joystick has developed a mind of its own. I will get jump-forward jab out of the blue, without having pressed any buttons, just from having moved the stick a little. I’m just wondering whether this is a joystick issue or some connections may have come loose/worn out? I did open my stick up to take a look, but unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as that - I need a box spanner/turnbuckle wrench to actually get to the joystick and buttons.

Any ideas guys?

Sounds like loose connectors, but need pics from the inside, of the PCB and the stick and the buttons.

So go get that spanner/turnbuckle wrench and update us.

The original HRAP EX pcb is beyond crap (much like the joke that Hori made of the wiring). I’ve seen this problem twice before and it was caused by pcb malfunction, as a side note I’ve also witnessed the same problem in the Hori EX2 range of sticks.

Check all your connections are sound, if so then brace yourself for a pcb replacement.

I ended up just gutting my Hori Hrap EX and doing a complete rebuilt/mod on it.
Only thing thats original is the shell, not even the top panel got spared.

God damn… Sounds like it’s going to be a ball ache. Thanks for the input guys. Fortunately I have another stick, but this one was my first and my weapon of choice. Will get the tools and update you when I can.

@gahrling Your comment under your avatar has always haunted me, ever since I had my cable issue. And now this…

Keep in mind I turned a Hroi EX from a normal “fight stick” to a Twin-stick layout for Virtual-On.

A pcb replacement isn’t that bad, just gut the thing and go to town on it.

@Darksakul WOW! Where did you get the sticks for that? Were they expensive? I actually have the original joystick for Virtual On, but it wasn’t cheap.

@PresidentCamacho It’s the potential cost that bothers me more than anything else.

Tried my stick again yesterday, but didn’t notice any issues. I’m not 100% convinced, but will keep a close eye on her. I had a combo trainer running in the background when I noticed the problem (forgot it was on). I don’t see how, but I’m hoping that maybe that was causing the issue.

You mentioned a combo trainer program, I assume you’re playing on pc? A pcb replacement for pc use is really cheap (<$15) should you need one.

You can nab flight sticks from paradise Arcade, or you can cannibalize another Virtual on controller