Is my stick screwed?

So I was letting my brother use my stick, and he doesn’t really know what the heck he’s doing but I watched him and other than maybe being a bit hard on it (not that hard) he puts it down. When I picked it up to play, the stick wasn’t registering any movement at all. The buttons still work fine, but up down left right don’t move anything. I tried turning it off and plugging and unplugging it, but nothing. Anyone have any kind of suggestion. I’ve replaced the stick with a Sanwa stick as well as the buttons if that makes any kind of difference and this is the first and only problem I’ve run into.

Probably the wire harness came out. If you did a search you probably would have found ur answer sooner. Now if you’ve checked the harness and that isn’t the issue, then I cannot help.

Maybe open it up and see if the connector that plugs into the stick came loose or something. Just a suggestion

I just opened it up and saw the connector was a little loose. About to go test it out now.

That worked. Sorry for the thread.

Grab a glue gun and put a dab of it between the two plastic pieces that hold the connector to the TP-MA and it won’t move at all.