Is my stick wearing out?

Sup guys I have a Xbox360 Hori EX2 which I had for about 2-3 months and about a week ago I noticed my RT button(the button I use my HK for) gets jammed now and then I have to tap it a bit to pop it back in place and just now I was warming up my hands in SF4 training mode and when I tried to do a simple Focus Attack my Ryu/Blanka was MP/MKing instead or a lvl 1 quick FA when I didn’t want to release but then I had to repress it to do the FA and then same thing a sec later like 50/50 it’ll be a FA or it’s be a MP/MK or lvl1 FA when I didn’t want to.

My question is if EX2’s do wear out this early is there a place where I can get it fixed or am I better off replacing the buttons or can I fix it myself?

Btw my stick is completely stock out of the box when I got it no custom jobs done to it.

Get a screwdriver and open it up so you know what the problem is. Could be simple gunk jamming your buttons or hardware failure. If it’s the latter, then you could try to give it to a technician but I’d say it’d be a waste of money.

Sounds like your buttons are starting to stick. You’ll need to replace those, which is easier said than done.

Look up a modding guide, yo.

Take a business card, cut it longways, and use a corner around the edge of the sticking button, as far in as it can go without excessive force, and you might get lucky enough to get the grime that’s sticking you up out. But a new button is the only “sure” solution.

Yeah, I was going to ask him to open it up and then clean out the buttons… but, I remembered it was a hori product. and thus you’re better off just not fucking with that shit unless you’re putting real arcade parts in it.

Oh god that was the longest run-on ever.

Try opening it up and looking for any bad solder joints.

Or just replace the damn thing lol

True dat.

Thanks guys I’ll use one of my business cards and see if there’s buildup in the buttons if this isn’t the case I might have to do some self modding the only problem with that would be finding the right tools though.