Is my style unique?


Alright, this is where you come in. I’m told my artwork looks like a cross of Japanimation with My Precious Moments. Let me know what you think. I’ll post more artwork this time (laughs). Any comments ok even if you think it sucks.



With my knowledge of the Japanese art style, I would have to say no, I have seen this before, though I cannot place it nor remember when I have seen something similar, so I would have to say its not common place. I like it though. :slight_smile:



Here’s another. Sorry I don’t know how to have an image put up along side my text.


hmmmm… looks SIMILAR to the art from the guy who did the Daft Punk videos, Galaxy Express 999, and all that other pirate BULL-SHIT ( no offense to you ) that should have never been released. Heh heh, still liking it, I would have to say its cute and pretty.


I all honesty Bengus Id have to say you’re style isnt unique, it has the basic influences of Japanese art.

If you wanna have a unique style, then Id suggest looking at those who have unique styles, see what they do, then try to make something of your own.

The most popular American artists that are Japanese influenced are

Joe Madureira
J.Scott Campbell
Humberto Ramos

There are alotta other famous/good artists that use that style, but any that you find will probaly have a similar stlye to one of those three.

Some of my fav artists (that are Japanese influenced) that arent known yet are

Corey Lewis -

LoCKe -

Long Vo -

Id also suggest trying to learn diffrient styles, and then develop them all into one central style, which is what I try to do (see sig for my art)


Reminds me of old scool jap art loike gotchman or something. I like it though. Old school can be cool.


Yeh what TAS said… looks like any other anime style or something. But don’t worry, usually at this stage is when you try to expose yourself to different styles of drawing and learn to understand how the human anatomy works. Once you fully onderstand that, then you can bend it n inject your own style inside.

Never be afraid to try new styles of drawing heh…

I think my style is pretty generic. But I’ve been trying to branch out nowadays…


How can I check out your artwork? Having problems with the link. Here’s another little drawing I did from my sketch book. Can you guess who it is?


ive seen stuff like this zillions of times. just keep practicing, the better u get, the more unique u get. u should visit some real anime artists sites to get some inspiration. the stuff u see on tv is pure shit.


sorry dude your work looks like processed anime crap. you and klak should hang out.


hahaha… i just like the way he composed that

bengus, it looks preety good and solid


lol, that was some good shyt.


it looks kinda like a teenage chun gettin thru her chubby stage… lol. nice art tho


I hope this doesn’t upset anybody out there, but to be honest I’m kinda begining to dislike anime. It’s not the anime (well maybe some 'cause it pretty much looks the same), it’s more like the… I don’t know. How can I explain it? You know that feeling you get when you like something, but then all of a sudden it becomes popular and everybody likes it. A good example is Dragonball Z. I remember when it first aired in the U.S. It was the Shit!! But now, everybody freakin knows about it, and those fans. :mad:

Overall, yeah, I should look at other anime artists like you said. Get some inspiration. I think? As for this whole anime thing, I like the unique styles out there, that’s probably why I still love watching anime

:lol: Perhaps I should. Maybe learn something from him.

:slight_smile: Thanks, I try my best, but sometimes I feel like I’m not. Why is that?

:lol: That’s probably what’s going on. Here’s another of my sketches done sometime between my Sophmore year in high school. I was barely learning Anatomy, so please excuse the crappy hands. Sup, Fusulu!


^^ aww, thats so cute!


I fixed it, the link works now.

There’s ALOT of pics, so if you have a slow comp, be warned.

But if you just want one pic, or dont wanna bother loading all the pics, here’s the last thing I did

Datta (Dhalsim’s son)

Note: This is my version of Datta all grown up. Those tattoos cover his whole body, but unlike his dad’s they are not permanent (they are a manisfestation of his ki) The tips of his hair have been colored/frosted to look like fire (and they actually become firery when he uses his ki)


I fully understand how you feel. I’m in the same position. Not that I’m trying to act leet or something… but it’s like nowadays I’ve been overexposed to anime too much… like I’ve been fed too much of the same food… I’m like … OH PLEASE STOP… NO MORE ANIME PLEASE… I mean… you see the same type of face with the big eyes n spiky hair n stuff… and those schoolgirls … arrrrr… all the time… it doesn’t help when my bro is an anime nut hahahaha… but I do not hate them… I respect their taste… as long as he don’t bug me to watch with him all the time. But sometimes he invite me to watch some anime movie. Chiyoko Millenium Actress <<<---- One of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen. You should all check it out…


Yeah I feel ya about the anime thing. Everyone and their dad’s cousin brother watches it nowadays. My first anime was akira way back in the days when it came out and I was like wow. Anime is still good to watch once in a while though. Sailor moon can go to hell though.


yep. thats why my drawings are less n less anime.


i love anime, i just hate people who think they can do it cause they know a couple of techniques like drawing a guy with spikey hair with big eyes and small mouth. kind of like your drawing above.