Is my TE PCB Fried?

After dual modding some TE sticks, I’ve have had some of them quit working. How can you tell if its dead? Is there a way to multi-meter it? Or just solder the usb cable and plug it in a computer?

No one knows the answer to this???

Well, whip out your multi-meter and try activating switches while you have the prongs attached to the different switches/points on the PCB. If you’re getting a response, then the switches are fine. Then move on the cable and check each point on the PCB where the cable is attached the PCB. This will let you know if everything is good on the PCB side. THEN do the same thing on the different pins on the USB plug end. If everything works out in the end then the PCB is fine and it’s something else - perhaps a short of some kind?

This method should help you systematically figure out what is broken. =)

I took my PS3 PCB out to examine it visually for any bad soldering or anything out of the ordinary and I found this. There is a piece that looks burnt compared to another one right next to it. Could this be the problem?

Does anyone know what this electronic component is that I circled? It looks burnt out, and I want to try to replace it.

If Im reading right, electrolytic capacitor, 47uF.