Is my TE Stick messed up or whats wrong!? Help!


Hi, wasn’t if to post this in tech talk or here, but since it’s regarding SFIV I guess it cant be too bad…

Im using an Tournament Edition Arcade stick, today this weird delay in movement occured to me when I hold the stick left or right for more than one second and then release it, the character keeps moving for about half a second even though I released the stick? It only happens if I hold the stick in either direction for like 1 second, if I do quick movements there’s no problem. Perhaps I just didnt notice this before, perhaps its supposed to be like this? Can it be my stick is messed up? Its not old, only a few months… Im using it on PC… havent tried if its the same thing on xbox yet…

Anyone else experienced this?

Any help is greatly appreciated…


Set the little switch with LS-DP-RS to DP.


Zared, thank you, I am forever grateful for your help. I will try this, Im sure itll work.

Thank you again, means alot to me, Im nothing without this game.

Best regards,


holy moly.

And I was going to suggest something so much more complicated/time consuming.


funny thing is, ive seen some yt vid on some guy calling madcatz about this. neither one of them actually figured out the issue though…


laf & cry @ the same time, i feel you buddy


On a related note, spending a night drinking and playing left4dead with 3 friends using fightsticks is pretty awesome. Yeah, you gotta move the switch anytime you want to switch from movement to aiming.