Is nobody playing online on PSN EU time or


Or… What…

I go to endless there is only 1-2 rooms, and I never really went to rank matches unless they’re all hanging around there


well I am on PSN , ID moraelgamed .

maybe we could hang together




I was online in ranked but all the people I met were really good. Like B+ good. Not too easy for a D+ ranked individual. When I set my search for ‘same skill’ it seemed dead. Changed to ‘all’ and i was able to find a lot of matches.

Didn’t try endless though.


I did skill level to any as well, I found the same people most of the time o.o


PSN EU has been pretty dead lately, but I think more people will show up now that 2013 is out. All my friends were in training room yesterday, but I think you should get more people later today. At least I’ll be on later today, mostly to derank all the fraud A+ people >:D


Yea I know, but not many people had SFxT or the word isn’t spread that much… Maybe in a week or so… I don’t know :frowning: