Is now the time!?


Sup Warriors
I was watching EVO and saw that “ULTRA” (lol) SFIV is coming out 2014.
I have reached high level play in other games and I think its time to take my talents to South Beach.

So I have a couple options and wanted some opinions:
Should I buy AE to warm up for Ultra or wait and start with Ultra (because AE might teach me bad habits for Ultra???)
OR should I just wait until the next gen of fighters to get started (Maybe fighting games are gonna get a little cold for the rest of the year after Evo???)

Thanks for any comments.


It won’t be another 6 months to a year, so yeah I’d say get AE + the v2012 patch. The fundamentals and stuff you learn within that time period will still be there.

AE should be cheap now, especially if you can get the PC port.


I dont think my PC is up to par.
So I spontaneously purchased AE for like $11 on Xbox360. Its what I really wanted to do anyway so I’m glad that someone agrees. Should have the game delivered in time for Wednesday Night Fights haha.

Time to pick a Main Character!!


Good on you for getting in now. Most people wanting to get in probably wont, will wait, and complain about the scrub flood online when USF4 drops.

Get your fundamentals stronk now.


Yeah there really is no reason to wait for ultra. At most it adds four characters. ones a grappler, two are average, and Elena is probably as bad as she is in cross tekken. Everything else is a balance patch and that’s all that matters gameplay wise. What’s left is cosmetic shit. The secret fifth character probably won’t be anything special


Thanks for the input :stuck_out_tongue: