Is "ohnuki rush" effective for Nak?

Nak has quick jabs, sort of like the shoto’s. Do you think “ohnuki rushing” is a good tatic for Nak? Wondering if any of you guys ever tried doing this with her?

Her jab is too short to make it as useful as shoto.

I don’t know how to explain it, but if you try ryu then switch to Nako then you’ll know Nako isn’t as good with that.

One thing I saw that does work is rush, but make sure you mix it up with some other move like standing jab, mp, etc so you won’t be too predictable

Ok that makes sense. I guess walking jabs (like Rolento) and rush will be good enough.

And yes I always make sure to mix things up wit her. I like N and A Naks but mostly use N cuz I looooove low jump. Nak’s is teh ill! Great stuff!