Is Oni a Viable Character?

Hey guys

I’m new to SSFIV:AE, and I wanted to start a new character. I played around with Oni for a bit and thought it was really fun, however I’ve noticed that he gets called low-mid tier, and is not recommended for serious play. Is Oni not a character that one should choose for high-skilled matches (assuming I ever actually make it there)? My friend says I should drop Oni and play either one of the twins or another Shoto character, is this a wise choice? Thanks for any input.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section by the way.

Tiers are ONLY important at high levels tbh. If you like a character play him. Besides SSF4AEv.2012 is just a few months away and even if you practiced 8hours a day I doubt you’d reach the level where tiers matter before it comes out. And the twins are going to be getting nerfed anyway and more than likely Oni will see a buff when that patch comes out. Besides, Oni is low-mid tier not just because of a few of his shortcomings, but because he hasn’t truly been explored as a character and there are lots of things to be found still that could easily boost his standings.

I agree that he’s currently underestimated. He has a fireball, a 3 frame SRK with good invincibility, great AA options and easy high damage combos. Ya, some of his mixups kind of suck, but he doesn’t have to rely on them to win. There’s no way he’s bad enough to be unviable.

I’ll definitely stick with him for a bit and see how it goes. Thanks guys!

We dont really know what will happen with Oni in SSFIV AE 2012… currently he is not viable for serious play, because you have better options. Why pick a low tiered shoto when you have higher tiered ones?

Of course, he is cool and his combos feel satisfying.

Landing any of Oni’s forward moves feels satisfying as hell. Especially the AA, It’s a total “Access Denied” Move.

That alone is worth giving him a try.