Is online good for practice? Are the ping meters deceptive?


Title covers pretty much everything, I’ve been playing only full ping meter (green bars) matches on x-box live, and the lag is still enough that I get beat by people who I know I could beat without much sweat IRL. So is x-box just lying to me about my ping, or will I just have to get used to the lag online and try not to let it affect my offline game?

I don’t want to form habits based on ping and not go for things that are only unsafe because of lag, so if online is laggy for me no matter what the ping-o-meter says, should I just drop it and focus on getting what practice face-to-face I can?


Anyone at all want to chime in on this? Still been trying to use online to my advantage, but I’ve also been noticing that most people either pick a character with gimmicks and spam them, or play a flowchart shoto, neither of which are done in tournaments since it gets shut down pretty quick, so I’m also afraid I’m getting too used to playing people like that.


Yes its good for practice, but there is some dumb stuff that goes on so you need to be careful to filter those habits out. Don’t worry about wins and losses just try to analyze and break down whats going on, even against people that mash or do dumb stuff


I know what you mean when i finally play decent opponents I end up waking up half way through the match to really focus on winning. Ive gotten too comfortable playing online with bad people I tend to pick up bad habits from the bad person Im playing. Find people on the forums to play that are good you ll probably learn a lot faster than ranked.
Also, online has its uses but you cant play your best online because of the timing difference thats my main problem the lag makes me nervous to try better combos or more precise mixups.


online is good for knowledge mining and THEN practice what you think works. Online should be a place where you lab it out.


IDK about on the Xbox, but on the PC version the bars aren’t a good indicator, all green means little. You want to pay attention to how long it takes before you’re able to click on the ready button. If it takes long at all kick them or get out of their lobby because it’s going to lag, the longer the ready button, or whatever it is on Xbox I guess, takes to become selectable the more lag you’re likely to see. That’s what I’ve noticed about the bars.


the game is diffrent online even with a good connection.

you have a very good ping online when you have 50ms delay and that will register as “green”, it is still 3 frames less for you to react to stuff.

btw xbox and PS3 are not famous for their CPU throughtput, the network code has been tailored accordingly as i have read, so it is far from good, because it has toi run on machines that are far from good.