Is our way of life killing us?


It got me thinking, that as more developing countries emulate the 1st western world way of life, is our way of life really killing us? Of course numbers can be fudged, but lets suspend doubt and take it on its word.

The US has the highest cancer rate, then the EU, then developing LA. Of course our advanced healthcare system and medicine and healthcare system (if you could call it that) keeps us alive longer than what we should be. But is this proof that our way of life is just not meant for us as a species? Ive got some more to add, but currently at work, discuss srk…


Technically everyones way of life is killing them, nam sayin??


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You mean to tell me that a population dominated by people with poor dietary standards and sedentary jobs and personal habits has more health problems than a population that doesn’t?


A guy from the field spent a couple months in our office and remarked that working in an office just isn’t healthy. A lot of dudes in my office have lower back problems and/or degenerative diseases. Your shoulders gets inwardly rotated, chest sunken in, upper back extended, and the neck sticks forward. In short, after a while, you adopt a loser stance. Also, because your sitting down, your lower back gets unloaded and the bones after a while lost their mineral density.
The inactivity also dulls your mind. The brain has been shown to be more productive while exercising or after exercising.

ALSO, not to mention the over abundance and imbalance of starchy carbohydrate foods and blah blah blah chemicals, processing


Regulate needed an article to have this cross his mind? Shit, man. Go outside. Look around you. I’ve been questioning people’s way of life since I was a child.


Hops is estrogenic by the way.


Hops are the only reason I haven’t turned into a rotating celestial sphere of pure testosterone by now.


Makes you wonder really sometimes if being in ‘modern’ society is any better than living in the jungle.In developed nations, you have a higher chance of getting cancer etc but in the jungle you have a higher chance dying from environmental hazards, starvation etc.

@Tekno Virus: That’s one of the reason I’ve started going to the gym, not really to buff up per se but to just exercise so it doesn’t get used to the ‘office’ posture. I’m amaze how many of my coworkers blow-up after five years or so doing office work.

OP: I highly suggest watching ‘Food Inc’ documentary if you haven’t seen it yet. Worth the watch imo.


Women have it the worst. I remember while interning, there were FOINE women around, but now I see the same women, they either turn into Michelin man or they got that sick, just came back from POW camp, look. It’s like that nice plumpy booty deflated mayn that’s just wrong!


More like OUR way of life is killing everyone else.

A little thing I like to call Manifest Destiny.


This is one of those known things that gets swept under a rug. There are numerous documentaries out there on this subject and various scientific studies. I believe the most detailed one examined underdeveloped Asian countries and charted the growth of illness and disease as they became more modern. I don’t know the name of it though. If you have Netflix I would recommend a few documentaries that they have streaming.

Orgasm inc.: It follows a few drug companies as they try to get female orgasm pills to market. Obviously none of these work but you get to see first had how they fudge the numbers to make it seem like they do. You even get to see a company try to push a drug that is known the cause cancer and also known to not work in healthy women to market.

Vanishing of the Bees: Farmers are buying seeds that are treated with pesticides. These treated seeds are killing of bees too and causes birth defects over the course of generations. We are putting this food into our bodies on a daily basis.

Fat sick and Nearly Dead: It’s basically a juicer commercial but if you ignore that it’s startling how a change in diet can improve your health.


Interesting. So going to college and getting a job where I’d sit in an office all day making that bank might make me live shorter than not going to college and working some blue collar job? I wonder which would be more enjoyable.


Well, I’ve seen both and the latter seems a lot more enjoyable.


I typically had a blast working at McDonalds.

I hate working at a desk all day. It may just be the people i work with.

But yes, crazily i feel less healthy than i did working at MCDs. At least then i was physically active for my shift


It’s all about your hobbies outside of work to keep you active. Going to the gym before work early in the morning makes you feel great the rest of the day.

An hour a day of exercise can really change your work habits. And well going from the office spending all day on the comp, then coming home and spending all night on your comp while eating and just doing nothing of course you will feel sluggish.

You can make bank, and it funds your hobbies. Mine is grappling and exercising daily helps with that hobby. Along with comic books and wrestling. But if i spend a week doing nothing, eating like a pig, and not being active i feel like shit.

You can blame the job, but really it is all on you to get off your ass, and make sure you aren’t a statistic.

Also working with a good and fun staff can really make work better.

Being drones in the machine must suck though.


Yes. We are just killings ourselves for the sake of materialism.


In the Sylvia Plath sense of the word, we’re all dying. Sleep tight!


Thanks, Ed Norton.


I just made oven roasted shrimp with red chile oil and toasted garlic chips, and some chicken peach salad on the side,I feel terrible, used too many habaneros in the sauce and too much peach in the salad but it was worth it. What a great dinner. After UFC tonight, might play ball at the park if lighting is sufficient.