Is pesona dead, if not should i get it or AE yes a noob question

is persona dead??? Getting this or AE right now, persona just reminds me of blazblue thats the only reason i wanna play it… I never really played the new street fighter series but the update has me thinking about picking it up because it probably has breathe some new life into the game! I’ve played many anime games and marvels! I’m also hesitant to pick up AE a little because i didn’t really like SFXT… Im a pad player BTW if thats important lol

it’s not dead on ps3.

I have a ps3! but street fighter seems so hype!! is Ae anything like sfxt? i hated that game, but its decent to watch at times

Not essentially. Just get AE, its getting an update next year, is the most popular tournament game, is fun, isn’t SFxT (I personally like both games, but still), has incredible depth, etc.

I love Airdashers like GG and BB. But Persona bored the hell out of me in a matter of weeks. The characters are flat compared to the cast of BB and GG. The mechanics are…Questionable…And the balance isn’t fantastic.

AE, on the other hand, I’ve been playing it consistently for 3 years, not once losing the fun aspect.

Though if you want a real FG. Buy Guilty Gear (Y)

im playing persona if u wanna get some matches up PSN XAnibisX hit me up

+1 for Guilty Gear if you like BlazBlue. Also BBCP is coming out in ~5 months. Persona isn’t dead, though, it’s still the most popular anime game.

You should buy AE regardless. It’s like $10 and it’s getting a new update soon, there’s no reason not to own it.