Is playing defensive the right way to play against good players?

Today I did ok. Instead of the usual block block & block strategy, I actually did quite a bit of dashing and moving around. It’s still not easy but my 720 saved my ass several times. I guess as long as I don’t just let him push me to the corner too much then I stand a chance.

I tried to use SA3 a bit today (especially vs this Akuma who did quite a bit of dive kicks) and it worked ok. I have no idea if SA1 or SA3 is the better super but I guess I have to stick with the 720. I think 1/2 the fun of playing this game for me is to land 720 on ppl.

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Actually I have another question. You know how ppl using Ryu & Akuma likes to put pressure on you/chip you to death using ex fireball/3 hit fireball/super fireball etc right? Especially when Hugo is in the corner and when you try to parry their fireball they would most likely dash forward to hit you to mess you up. I’m wondering is it possible to parry let’s say the first 3 hits of a super fireball then 720 them when they dash in?

For akuma: Nope by the second parry of his fireball he would have recovered from his fireball lag. Most smart akuma players would sweep b4 you can parry the the third hit of the fireball. Forcing to parry high and low at the sametime. Best thing you can do or i usually do is parry the first 2 hits then block the third. Most of japanese vids i have watched mostly vs against match, players know better than to parry the third hit.

For Ryu: Maybe. I can see what your are talking about. But then again consider how close he is to you where he throws the ex fire ball. Usually what happens is they throw the ex fireball almost a full screen away i parry twice they dash and throw another ex fireball. When they do that it keeps them at a safe distance for the second ex firball. If they do it in a closer range (not full screen) then maybe its possible. But the players here are smart enough when to follow up a parried ex fireball. But if they are really close to you (throw range) and low forward --> ex fireball and you red parry the first hit and blue parry the second hit then most likely you can. I could be wrong about this. I have very little knowledge of frames =P. Maybe slimx or someone who knows for sure can answer that.

As for super fire balls: I dont think you can because its the same reason for akuma. By the time you parried the second or third hit they have full recovered and can make you guess high, lows, or even throw you when you are busy parrying.

I think hugo’s 720 doesnt have any invisible properties for him. So even if you can execute a 720 in the middle of a super fireball it might get stuff by the other hits. Also by that time the opponent should have recovered from his fireball animation and can start the mix ups while you are parrying. I could be wrong about the 720 having no invisible properties. But you can try it out. I am pretty sure Hugo’s saIII can do that. Since it does go threw fireballs, other supers, and normal moves.

actually i’m not talking about grabbing ppl while they’re recovering from their fireball animation. i’m talking about grabbing them after they have recovered (most likely out of 720/sweep range here).

what i’m asking specifically is, is it possible to parry let’s say the 2 hits of a mult hit fireball (opp recovers, dashes in and do low lk for ex), and i go right into 720 after the first 2 parrys so and grab them while they already have stuck out their lk?

so basically if it does work, then the rest of the fireball would go through hugo.

well to make it simple. can hugo parry first 2 hits of a super fireball and then go into 720 while the rest of the fireball would go pass him? i’ve seen jap chun parried first hit of a ryu ex fireball then go right into sa2. the rest of the fireball just went right pass chun.

It is possible to grab an opponent with 720 in the middle of parrying a super fireball. I’ve tried it in training mode where I had Ryu in 720 range perform a super fireball, after the 3rd/4th parry go into 720. The rest of the fireball goes right through.

I think you have to parry only the first hit, because I remember testing on the dreamcast parrying/blocking an ex fireball from ryu and attempting to super in response with two-frame startups, and he would always recover in time to block. I’m not sure if the one frame difference between those supers and a 720 will make a difference (I think ryu probably just has a zero disadvantage on the ex fireball), but I’m guessing that if you do the super at all, it must be after the first parry.

It does work. I remember watching Hayao play in Japan and when an opponent tried to chip him with Ryu’s SA1 and sweep, he parried the first two or three hits of the super fireball and grabbed his opponent’s leg with Gigas. Hugo is invincible after he lands the grab and Gigas is fast enough to come out between the hits of a fireball, so as long as they’re in range and they try to stick out a ground attack, they’ll get caught before it comes out.

Cool beans. :cool:

But do you have to do it fast like standing 720 fast or just regular fast?

Just regular fast, thanks to the parry freeze.

when will the vid be released ?

to the guys that kept complaining about fighting kens with the air ex hur.kick cross ups… fucking jump back with mp… stops that shit clean and it has really high air to air priority… after a few of those it will fuck up the thinking of the ken player so u won’t have to worry bout em for a few… remember hugo has a way around EVERY situation in the game… hugo is for smart players not for peeps that throw random pokes… remember there is no gaurd break so u can block all the fuck you want… like i said hugo is for smart players!!!