Is Playstation Twin Stick for $25 a good price


Im about to buy this twin stick for Playstation Analog Joystick by Sony - $25
Is that good price please let me know what u guys think about.

  • Model SCPH-1110U
  • Sony’s very first analog game controller for the Playstation, even before the Dual Analog Controller and the Dualshock controllers
  • Twin stick used for a variety of games
  • Works for all games, but only selected games puts all its features to use

Comes with box too


Do you plan on playing fighting games with that stick? :confused:


I hope this is some kind of ‘covert’ selling thread and not really a thread asking if that things worth $25.00…

If it’s the latter, then I’d say it’s worth $15.00 tops to someone who would find that thing useful.


Do it. Do it.


I buy it anyways, this thing goes for 89 dollars or more on ebay. No its not for fighting stick, for shooting and i want to collect for each system twin stick there is


The only thing I’ve ever bought that’s remotely like that is the Sega Saturn Twin Stick for Virtual-On…

It was almost a one-game stick which is the kind of videogame peripheral that I hate! :wtf:

Good thing somebody came up with an adaptor so that it was usable on the Dreamcast port of Virtual On, too. Frankly, I liked the styling and console artwork on the Saturn version of the controller better than the harder-to-get Dreamcast controller. It was much more arcade-like in my opinion.

I have no doubt that the XBox 360 Hori VO controller is better-built and will last longer with extended play but that thing costs over 3 times as what I paid for my Saturn Twin Stick and is only good for one system unless it gets modded. It also doesn’t have the groovy arcade style art on it, either.

Good luck finding a use for that PS1 stick. Somebody might actually find a way to mod it for use on alternate systems. I wouldn’t be surprised if an ingenius 360 modder finds a way to make it work on the 360 port of VO.

Again, I’m not a guy that buys controllers for one game. I’m glad that my Ace Combat 5 Flight Stick works with all the Ace games released for the PS2. Wish the thing would have worked for Hawx on PS3! :bluu:


So looks like ppl hate this Twin stick for ps1. I will try to mod with sanwa buttons and put xbox 360 pcb inside.


What does it matter what other people think?

It’s what YOU think and what YOU use it for!

It’s your money.

As you say, you can mod it to make it better for your purposes… but it should be whatever feels more comfortable for you.

It’s really not a bad looking stick to be honest. The buttons seem to be well-positioned and I think the greeblies/smaller buttons on the sticks themselves look kind of nice.


I bought one to play Assault from namco collection vol. 4 but I havent been able to get it to work right yet :frowning: