Is Poison Any Good?



I feel like I’m struggling man.

No anti-airs, weak normals (always trade or lose).

I feel like I’m constantly holding my head in defensive crouch punked into the corner.

I try to play the fireball game but I lose to Rose, Ryu, Akuma, whoever. What does this character do well?


since Poison’s Dp is weak she does not have a single go to AA but cr hp far standing hk and ex dp are all good AA’s and remember her fireballs have big hit boxes so if someone lands on them you can juggle them and even follow up with Ultra as for normals her best ones are cr mk cr lp cr lk and others as for fighting ryu Poison should win that matchup since her fireballs are better and use ex flip kick to go over his fireball and corner him


oh and Poison is considered top 10 by most people so go into training mode and figure her out


Many people consider her Top 5.

She’s a jack-of-all trades type (meaning she’s good at everything but master of nothing).


She’s got awesome fireballs, especially her fierce FB as an AA. Anticipate the opponent landing then buffer the Ultra 1 motion and you’re gold. Works like a charm. Just be sure to not go ham with it when they jump in from close range, as you’ll get nailed even with how big the FB hitbox is.