Is Poongko the best sf4 player in the world?

Perfect execution, perfect spacing, perfect reads. He just the complete package. He embarrassed the Evo champ and now daigo is a shell of his former self. I heard daigo did not attend Season’s Beatings this year because Poongko was there. Experiencing rape changes you forever. I think the only thing holding him back is that he uses a low tier character. Who do you think the best in the world is? I refuse to acknowledge fuudo because he uses a broken character.

I think you are the best. :tup:

Please stop with these who is the best troll posts.

If one had perfect execution and perfect reads, Seth would be the most broken character.
No one has that though and Seth’s character design complements high risk, high reward play.
Poongko used to play Ken in Vanilla, applying the same playstyle, and it simply wasn’t as effective.

Fei Long isn’t broken, Seth is not low tier.

//end discussion.

I can’t do what Poongko does. I watch most pro players and can pretty much do everything that they do. Not Poongko though that guy is on another level.

so you agree that poongko is the best

Honestly, who gives a shit?

Mike Ross is the best.

I think a lot of people do. The reason we have tournaments is to see who the best is. Unfortunately the best person doesn’t always win as was the case with this evo.

Tourneys are about who is best right now and at evo fuudo was the best just like PL and Viscant were also the best.

As of right now, he’s the best SF4 player in the world. All time, i’m not so sure.

No, Poongko isn’t the best sf4 player in the world.


who’s better? No one can beat him

Except everyone that has and does regularly.


dsp is the best. end of story.

he will probably mention poongko’s recent lost to uryo’s sakura even though on the commentary of that match they frequently mention that the match up is 9-1 sakura.

Should i make a list of everyone i have seen beat him or just in AE North America majors?

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Ok i’m done feeding the trolls kiddes.
Threads reported ect

This game kinda fucking sucks though. Being a champ in SF4 is like being the king of 'Tard Mountain. Poongko likes doing really stupid shit with this characters and Seth lets him get away with that because of all the silly stuff he has.

Well Poongko with all his clothes on isn’t the best.
Poongko with shirt, pants and underwear top 20/10 in the world.
Poongko with nothing on top 5.
Poongko with nothing on plus already have drank his read bull: THE BEST IN THE WORLD