Is pooping blood bad for you?

it’s been going on all night and when i google i can’t get a definitive answer

i have good health care but don’t feel like driving 5 minutes to the hospital since it’s 10pm and i’m tired

can someone just tell me it will be alright so i can go to sleep, thanks!!!

I think it depends on the width of the last turd you crapped out.

i think you could possibly have internal bleeding.

is your fecal matter very dark, almost black? if so, it’s definitely internal bleeding.

Could be deadly or could be nothing.

But how about you just continue to sit there and let natural selection work it’s magic.

Could be a ruptured hemorrhoid. I had one a couple of years ago and it felt like someone was sticking a hot poker up my ass. Needless to say, that quickly prompted me to change my dietary habits.

It could be a sign for colorectal cancer.

…or your shit was just that huge.

You kind of need a doctor for this but maybe I can help. Exactly how bad is the bleeding? Is it smears on the toilet paper, encased in your stool or literally gushing out? How painful is it?

I think the two typical problems are hemorrhoids and anal fissures (cuts), both of which are generally caused by constipation. Or anal sex, but I’m assuming that doesn’t apply. A fissure is extremely painful but doesn’t have too much blood. If a fissure doesn’t heal over time then there’s a chance it will get infected. Hemorrhoids bleed a lot more but they’re generally not dangerous, just really annoying, especially when they get sore as hell and it hurts just to sit down. In either case it can be self-treated, just buy a stool softener like that grainy stuff you put into orange juice. Preparation H can help with hemorrhoids. It’s very easy to identify the difference, a hemorrhoid is a very obvious “blood blister” as opposed to a cut on the tissue.

In either case if it doesn’t go away after a few weeks then go to a local doctor, a hospital probably isn’t necessary though. A simple prescription will clear it up.

Naw you’re totally fine. Shitting blood is good for you

Very light red / fresh blood -> You may have scratched your bum with the TP, this will probably be gone by morning.
Dark red / coagulated -> You need to get an appointment, but you may have eaten something with food coloring.

Most of the things it can be cannot be cured overnight, so go to sleep and worry about it if it’s still going on tommorrow.

Just sit at the toilet and press as hard as you can trying to get shit to come out. Once you poop out all of the blood, you’ll be good.

In 2010 yall STILL getting trolled by sigley? He’s done it so many times like a new Stephen King book he isn’t even trying anymore and is still successful damn.

I actually had this happen to me a few weeks ago doctor gave me a shot and said she’d call back if anything unusual turned up…no call so far.

do you have a gape?

I don’t think pooping blood is bad for you, rather pooping blood is an indicator that something is wrong.

It’s dat ass cancer Rob

It depends.

You may have hemorrhoids…and those hurt like fuck (I hear).

As long as the blood is light in color (as in fresh red blood), then you are fine (technically). You might have a ruptured hemorrhoid or anal tearing. The quick fix to this would be to: a) change your diet to include more fiber. b) don’t do any lifting (heavy or not) for a few days. c) try not to poop for a day or so.

If the blood is darker then you have a problem. It is most likely either an internal wound or cancer. You probably want to go see a doctor. I had internal bleeding for about 3 years due to a polyp in my intestines (from like the ages of 4-6). It eventually healed up (could have turned cancerous but it didn’t). My family was too poor to have an operation done. I was lucky. You might not be.

P.S. I know this is a troll thread because of the OP. But JUST in case anyone else needs the information, then here it is.

Is the blood covering the poo, aka it passed by a hemorrhoid, or is it like ‘laced’ throughout the poo?

Tell your boyfriend to use more lube.

fresh blood is not always a free pass, that shit could be Chrones disease too :stuck_out_tongue:

I know cuz after i take a massive shit i bled one time and i freaked the fuck out(my mom and uncle both have chrones so i have a high chance of having it as well :S) but turned out it was just the massive turd exploding my anus hole

I poop blood all the time…

3 reasons

  1. I dont eat enough cheerios
  2. I dont chew my foood
  3. anal rape w/ dildo

Get some Preparation H and some Preparation H pre-moistened Wipes. Pick up some cotton balls and put those under the wipe when you clean.

Petroleum Jelly, AKA Vaseline is a really cheap substitute for Preparation H and it works just as well. Apply with a cotton ball and be VERY GENTLE.

Stay away from alcohol for a while DEFINITELY. Possibly coffee and possibly dairy, everyone is different. Spicey food you should stay away from. If it burns going in for any reason other than heat it’s gonna burn going out.

When you do #2 don’t strain to hard, read a magazine or something and just chill. Also don’t wipe too hard with toilet paper. You have to be gentle down there.

Bone up on fiber. Broccoli, bananas and beans are great sources. Note that there is a transition period and this may agitate things even more, but eventually things will run smoothly. You can use colon cleansers that are high in fiber that do the same thing but just like anything regarding vitamins and so on it’s almost always better to get it from actual food when you can.

Drink tons of water. It will make your stools softer.

If you have a bathtub or a shower that can hold a foot or so of water ‘siz baths’ are great. Fill the bathtub with warm water (NEVER HOT, NEVER COLD) and just sit there for 15 minutes. This will go a long way in shrinking your 'roids.

If after 7 days your condition doesn’t improve then go see a doctor.

If you want you can go see a doctor first, the diagnosis is really quick. They put on a plastic glove and touch the ruptured nerve. If it hurts then you have hemorroids. You ‘can’ do this yourself if you get a medical plastic glove but it’s better to go to a doctor just in case you have something worse.

I had a battle with 'roids a few years ago. Just gotta try to live clean so when the time comes when you don’t live so clean joint won’t be so bad downstairs. I also go to the gym like crazy, which is good because you automatically drink tons of water there anyway. And loosing excess pounds is always the best cure for 'roids.