Is PS4 the best option for current gen fighters? What are the alternatives?


Can’t decide on which system to buy to get the most cost efficient option for fighting games.

PS4 obviously has more big name exclusive fighters than Xbox One, but rumors of PS4.5 makes it seem like a bad idea to buy a PS4 right now.
Wii U was never much of an option for fighters, and it’s probably the same story for NX.
PC covers some of the exclusive fighters on PS4 and Xbox One like SF5 and KI, but it’s not getting Tekken 7 or KOF 14, and that’s a pretty huge deal.

Do PCs have the same gaming lifespan as consoles do? Last gen consoles were good for 10 years, but even multiplat PC games require you to upgrade in less than half that amount of time. Building a decent gaming PC also usually costs 1.5x or 2x the price of a PS4 because I still need to buy a Windows 10 license. The upside is it doesn’t require a monthly subscription and the games are usually cheaper with more frequent sales on hot titles so I save more in the long run, but since the PC games are always tied to my account, I can’t resell them to recover costs.


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Who said Tekken 7 wasn’t coming to PC?


PCs have much more longevity when it comes to games in general, but fighting games in particular. That’s proven by the rom community for programs like MAME leading up to Fightcade being such a popular platform for old school FGC heads. The fact that you can play all sorts of games that span across generations, and continues to be there is proof that PC gaming has essentially an infinite lifespan since we will see more and more games developed for it, and you don’t need a brand new PC to continue to play those older games while still keeping up with current gen software.

The thing about PC cost is you could either invest in a gaming PC that will last you roughly 5 years and keeps you playing the latest games in that time frame for ~$800 bucks, or you could invest in a PC that will last you perhaps double that timeframe for ~$1300 or so. The key difference between PC gaming and console gaming that you get all the perks that come with PC gaming (modding, customization of hardware and software, doing other things with your PC while gaming without needing another device to do it) while console gaming your perk is just exclusive IPs… You also don’t need to pay for a Windows 10 license as you can just get a Windows 7 license (for free if you’re savvy enough) and then upgrade to 10 from there.

If you’re going to own a PC in general for any other reason (you have work or school or you just like having a computer at home) then you might as well build one that’s optimized for gaming, so you can do everything else you want to do yet can still play a wide variety of titles for low prices that are carried over on the cloud and you don’t have to worry about the disc not working anymore. Yes, not being able to sell your games sucks but realistically if you buy a game you shouldn’t need to sell your games just to have money to get the “latest and greatest” console when you could just continue to play all your favorite games whenever you want. Even if you have to build an entirely new PC instead of upgrading the one you build, you still have access to your library of titles.


Ikr? There was already a user named Hadouken for 15 years, but no one even thought of Shoryuken on a site called Shoryuken. This defies logic.

Namco didn’t give a definitive answer though. The articles were dated back in 2014, and now it’s 2016 we still haven’t heard anything about it. Until it’s official, PC release is still up for question.


Being up in the air isn’t the same as not being available at all. You basically said it’s not coming to PC in your first post, so here’s proof that Tekken 7 apparently is generating enough interest for Namco to want to develop a PC version. Additionally, they just released a survey 2 weeks ago asking people if they were interested in a PC port for Tekken 7. Yes, we shouldn’t hold our breaths for a PC release, but it’s still likely with all the current information we have. That’s for Tekken 7 at any rate. KOF XIV is still more tentative but since Atlus is publishing an NA port, I believe they’ll also push a PC port since Atlus has been putting out a lot of titles for PC as of late with more still to come.

On a side note, I’m super hype for Melty Blood’s PC release on Steam.


So PC over PS4.5?


I would say if you feel like you have use for a PC at home, make it a gaming PC. If you don’t really plan on using it for anything aside from gaming then you might just want to stick to console. Ultimately, it’s up to you.


If you’re mainly interested in the “new” fighters and don’t have a ton of moneys to spend, get a ps4. You also have the benefit of it being the platform the new games are actually designed for. Also if you’re not running a 4k display or interested in VR, there’s really no reaosn to even wait for Playstation “neo” or whatever crap they are calling it :smiley:

If you are interested in ALL fighters including really old ones, and have some extra moneys for a nice system, go PC. You can play pretty much any old fighter on it through fightcade, mame, emulators, etc and a lot of the newer stuff is always on Steam it seems these days…

BUT, you may have to deal with the chance of a completely shitty PC port as well. That seems to happen more and more these days as well unfortunately.

Just my 2 cents.


PC is probably the best option for a fighting game fan. You have all the more current games as well as the old ones like PJbottoms said. But between the consoles, yes definitely PS4 is the best way to go. With PS NOW you can play some older PS3 and PS1 and PS2 games even…


I don’t understand why people think gaming rigs are so expensive. You can build a machine that runs KI for around $400, and SFV for even cheaper. Hell my school laptop can run SFV at 60fps. All the anime fighters are being ported (really well) over to steam, SFV is on steam and KI is on the W10 store. Not only that, but you can use any controller or any stick without needing to crossmod them or buy specialty pads. You also get to play crossplatform games at higher a fidelity and framerates.

Don’t forget that all PS1, PS2, GC and Wii games are easy to emulate. Not just the ones the company wants you to play.


Depends, are you going to or hosting locals? If the answer is yes then get PS4. Fgc is poverty class so there will no advantage for waiting for ps4.5 because most of the FGC won’t buy it and developers won’t make fighters that utilizes it. If you just play at home then go PC.