Is red parry worth it?

I’m not a great player but I never red parry

however I was thinking if its even worth it

everything thats punishable on a block is known (for the matchups I know for my character) is usually avoided and missed supers are generally easy enough to punish without a red parry

my question is

would learning the timing for red parries help my game at all???

would the mind games it opens up make it worth the time it takes to learn and the risks

when the hell should I red parry?

Learn your opponent’s poke strings. Punish them for using patterns with a red parry.

yeah I’d say red parrying a blocked short, jab, short or jab, short, strong can be useful. Also Remy’s C.RH parry the second hit although I think thats so delayed its a blue parry.

Only other thing I think is worth red parrying is the last hit of Dudley’s MachineGunBlow.

Red Parry machine gun blow and the last hit of chun-li’s super!

The last hit of Chun Li’s super (I’m assuming SA2) isn’t a red parry…

red-parrying isnt something supernatural, try it sometimes, I usually red-parry the hooks of necro hcf+p right? so I can get a free combo in, and with hugo i try to red-parry ryu’s tatsumaki so i have enough time to do a 720 or 360… I get it out most of the times, because once you play this game you get alot of timing down on how the blocks go (if you play with high volume) so from there its pretty easy =)


for some reason, parrying the last hit of Houyoukusen sometimes comes out as red when using Q.

Red parry whatever you can… its 100x more useful than blue parry if you get it down…

red parrying is kind of scary but it isnt hard and its incredibly useful cause like, it gives you an opening while your opponent is doing stuff…so you punch him with combox

Red parry Ibuki’s air super, just block the first hit then start tapping forward works every time, and removes its use as a ‘chip em to death’ super.

Also happens if you parry the last hit from a crouch block

Bah symantecs. Your blocking a super and then you parry close enough to red parry.

red parrying is well worth it!!!

in da mean time dat i’m waiting for SFAC, i been playing CvS2 with da X-arcade Stick on my PS2(i’m sh*t at CvS mind u, but i’m just using parry mode 2 kill time)…

i feel so powerless playing CvS2, being such a great 3S player…my ryu(w/SA1) is top-notch, but without all da ammenitiezz 3S has(like da 2-button-grabbing and 2-button-overheadz, and da wayyyyyyyy better parrying system), u can’t play another game, unless it’z a real SF(but with 3S standardzz)…

anywayzz, red parrying is needed…i use it all da time when my energy’z low and someone’z trying a super on me…i’ll block 'til most my energy’z close 2 gone(just 2 see if it’z really needed dis time), then red parry, then parry da rest…doesn’t work all da time, but i got parrying pretty down pact…

i can red parry a few things in training mode, but dont ever get to see many opportunities in a match. or opportunites i do get, i dont realise untill its too late, unless its someting blatant like ryu HK hurricane or something.

one question to parry pros tho, some things are really hard to red parry because it seems the move kind of “locks” you in place, such that you can even get to neutral. can someone give me tips on this “locks”.

an example would be say for example your a shoto, and remy does rising rage flash, and you try to parry in the middle of one of the flashes, (not after it, just befor ehe rotates, but in the middle of one)

and the other, more useful one, is from a crouching block position to a top/middle attack. ie. x ex fireball. this seems to lock me into block stun too. thanks.

Red Parry with your twin scimitars Drizzt! :lol:

any good parry techniques against Ken?

Press forward when something hits you.

what’s the timing for red parry? i can never get it down, and when i do its by luck.

i can red parry chuns saII. the second half of it only because there’s a big delay.

You let off the guard and let the stick go to NEUTRAL right before you enter PARRY.

ex: Ken’s SAIII, Block hits 1-3. On the 4th’ hit, right as it hits you, let off block (The kick is still blocked because you were holding back at the beginning of the hit frame). Then tap Fwd at the appropriate time. .

It’s about rhythm, awareness…
be like a bowl of water.