Is Rice Krispies Treats Cereal being discontinued?

Hey guys,

I’ve been noticing the RKT cereal being harder to find in most grocery stores. Is this a sign of the apocalypse and the cereal is being discontinued or just a local thing?
And what are your thoughts about the cereal itself.


its the natural order of things, there are alot of questionable cereals who’s future’s are unkown but soon they will be replaced, I miss waffle crisp but in Georgia we have its cousin EGGO waffle cereal…mmmm…think ill grab a box this weekend

being the person who has dominated the most breakfast cereals on SRK you can vouch for my opinion

^They replaced Waffle Crisp nigga?

I thought hella (black) people bought it in SC/GA…

Waffle Crisp’s cousin doesn’t taste as good imo…

I personally haven’t seen a box of rice krispies treat in a long while, it’s probably on the fast track to being discontinued… eat it while you can man…

I stopped eating that stuff a long itme ago, but it’d be sad to see them go. I like admiring sugary cereals (alongside other things like Oreo and Pop Tarts) every time I go grocery shopping.

^ This cereal is awesome to me… plus it’s mad healthy(at least you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen)…

Only complaint is that this cereal is hella dry, use a nice amount of milk… good as fuck…

It’s a heavy cereal, so it encourages only eating one serving…

Definitely beats eating a fucking bowl of raisin bran…

Cereals that seem discontinued are usually in select cities or states. Waffle Crisps (my favorite cereal of all time) still resides in Pennsylvania for example.

Once I can’t find my Pops, I’ll riot.

I swear these are tied for best cereal ever with CTC :smiley:

this is how Ive been getting it.

but If you dont want to buy in bulk, check their product locator…

the only store that sells RCTC is a wallmart 20+ miles away from me :frowning:



I have not tried Rice Krispy treats…however I have had frosted rice krispy’s which I assume is the same cereal minus marshmellow’s…can anyone confirm?

I may break down and get a box of waffle crisp on ebay…I have no other option

CTC is the king of all cereals…if you wish to disagree then you must provide a valid argument stating why it is not

Where the fuck is my Count Chocula! ;_;

I have 3 boxes Opps All Berries,yay me :slight_smile:

French toast crunch for life yo