questions in title… and i dropped my dreams of using viper as of yesterday… ladies and gentleman just because u can do someones trials doesnt mean you should use them…


RSF is possible on pad, yes.


everything is possible on pad.

viper is hard not just because of execution.
you need extensive playtime and matchup knowledge to be successful with her.


What the hell? RSF is with El Fuerte, not Viper…

edit: nvm i reread the OP comment


i know pop i just threw that in there to get it off my chest and thx for the answer on my fuerte question do you think it would be easier or harder on pad personally?


As a stick player coming from a pad, I can tell you there is absolutely no difference in difficulty in execution with either, its all training muscle memory.
This question reminds me of a professional skateboarder but both of his legs were broken. WTF?! Yeah, he trained himself to do tricks with his hands.

What does that have to do with the difficulty of RSF on Pad? Well, nothing really, but its a pretty cool story, you should check it out. [media=youtube]UQbB8ayMlAs[/media]

Anyways, as long as you practice working on execution, your tools for executing it make NO DIFFERENCE in your ability to do it better. Some people will say sticks are better, some will say pads are lighter and easier, the truth is its all opinion.

TLDR; My **opinion **is its easier to do on stick, but thats because im better with stick than I am with pad.


If the buttons can be pressed on one controller style, they can be on the other. It’s just a matter of practice.




I don’t think I’ve seen 1 fuerte player plink RSF and only seen 1 who double taps. So really all you need is 2 (or 3) punch buttons and be able to do quarter circles fine. Pad has both so all you need is the timing.


It is by definition impossible to plink RSF.


I was thinking you could plink the fierce after the stop but I guess you’re right. Cause I think if you press fierce the frame after you stop the fierce will come out? Or does stop have recovery?


Oh god. I love you.


You can plink rsf fine. But you can only plink the fierces, not the runs or the stops.


plinking the fierces makes it harder. thats more finger movement in an already tight combo and can lead to mistakes from negative edging.


Yeah I agree it just makes shit harder at that point but it is possible.