Is rubust joystick worth the money?


:xeye:ok, first let me tell you that I’m a really noob about acarde stick.

yes!, i did my hw first i searched he forum for a answer and i didnt find it.

ok, here is the deal. I’m trying to buy a joystick, a really Good one.Looking on ebay i found out these customs sticks by robust:

but IDK if it is worth it?

later, searching the forum i learned that the SFIV is kinda the best one out there (am i right???) .
but i kinda dont understand why?, why is the SFIV the best one?, ok but there is a problem i kinda dont like the Ball top, im more like bat top, is there a way to change that on it? also i like the straight linen bottoms like the ones from robust.

ok i wanna use it to play MvC2 and u know that playing that game you have to move the stick really fast and sometimes hard.

well, i need your help, i need a arcade stick, the best one, that last long which i can play MvC2 easily with no problems. what do you recomend me?

is that one worth the money? or can i get a better one for $100?

help me to chse please …

ohh and i forgot the joystick is for ps3


That stick should be excellent for Marvel. Marvel players prefer American Parts because of the quick return to neutral. Get the convex buttons because its easier to do the sliding motions.


The SFIV TE stick is the best, non-custom stick with japanese parts.

The stick you’re looking at, which looks alright, is American parts.

First you need to decide which kind of stick you want. If you’re primarily playing MvC2, then most people will tell you the American stick is more suited to that.

As for the parts on that stick, il joysticks are better than Happ joysticks now (by far, I just picked up a new Happ competition the other day, and there is no comparison to the build on my iL stick).

I don’t think it looks like a bad deal or price, but I wouldn’t jump on it right away.

If you can get a stick with an iL in it for around $150 I would consider it a better deal.


You can get a way better stick for cheaper. TE for one. You can get yourself a SF2 Aniversary Stick and mod it with IL parts for cheaper then those ugly ass sticks you posted a link for.


Just don’t do it. Like the above poster said, you could even just get a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick and add happ buttons with an iL eurojoystick for cheaper. It’s super easy, there’s even a guide If you want a japanese joystick, you can get some pretty good one’s also for cheaper than that. I’m pretty sure the going rate for a TE is around 110-120ish nowadays and that is the best stock japanese stick.


so you are saying that one with americans parts and with an iL joystick ( that idk wut that stands for) and happ bottoms is the best i can get.

actually i loved the sf2 anniversary stick seems perfect for what I am looking for but its only for ps2 and Im looking one for PS3. I also searched the web and the cheapest one i could find was at $160 plus shipping… plus the modd … its gonna be like 250+…

i was thinking about a cheaper option …

any more recomendations?

where to buy a good one.

btw: thanks for all your help


if you want to go with true authentic american style parts you should get the iL eurostick and the iL convex buttons. happ used to buy kits from iL and sell them as the happ competition joystick. Now Happ has them made in china and the quality is not as good.


Laugh sells inpin converters for ps2 to ps3 with no lag. I think they’re about 23 bucks. If you look in the bst forum you can find them for about 70-80 bucks unmodded.


I wouldn’t count on a SF anniversary stick to work with an adapter. What you can count on is having to replace the PCB ifyou want to use it on anything other than PC/xbox/PS2.


r0kzztar I sent you a PM.


Those sticks are overpriced for what you are getting. I wouldn’t pay over 120 for a stick with comp parts unless there was something very special added to it. Like dual system compatibility or high quality solid wood.

You should look for a blank box that will fit iL parts, then order a Cthulhu fully assembled and install it in the case. It’s very easy.

Additinally, you might want to look into purchasing either a Wico or Happ Perfect 360 joystick. I have heard that it is what most Marvel players consider the best stick for their game.


I don’t know from perfect experience, but from what people have been saying the new 360s suck a ton.


Yeah, I heard that the sf anniversary doesnt work with the adapter, are rtare the cases that does.

i thought of that also, but i have no experience in that, and i dont wanna mess up, any guide and site where to get the parts to make a custom?

Also, what is the mvc2 favorite arcade stick?


If you have a SFAC stick with a 3.5v PCB it will work with an inpin or perlican adapter, however the 7.5/8v ones work with only a certain adapter. As far as mvc2 favorite arcade sticks, it’s personal preference but a lot of pros back in the day use MAS sticks in tournaments.