Is Rufus a solid character for my game style?



I was wondering, is Rufus a solid character that can rely on one particular combo? I’m not very good at using various combos, like Ryu per say. But I do play fundemental’s preety well… I play Rolento/Marduk on X Tekken and I maintain a healthy 70-80 percent win rate using there simple BnB combo’s. I can’t do anything to difficult, so I was wondering is his dive kick, st.HP xx galactic tornado a relient move? How strict is the timing ect. Would you say pick Rufus up, or look elsewhere?


Rufus actually has really tight links for all of his combos, as short as they are. I wouldn’t recommend him if you’re attempting to win with fundamentals alone and not use his BnBs. Practice his combos instead of looking for other ways around them, because there isn’t.


If you are looking for a character that can pretty much rely solely on one combo then rufus is the way to go, you can pretty much just base your game off of throw setups and landing his bnb. His bnb, st.hp xx Hp Gt is hard to learn because it is a one frame link but you can plink it and after a while it just becomes muscle memory. Other than that his only combos are some easy ones into ultra his links and some into