Is Rufus fairly underused?



Only character I haven’t seen in my last 200 ranked matched. Even managed 5 Dan’s 2 Rose’s 2 Hakans 1 El fuertate just the 1 Gouken, Ibuki but 0 Rufus’s.

Isnt he still top 10 tier-wise? Not much love for the fat guy?


I’d say he was underused in Super but in AE there are even less people playing him :frowning:

Although if you play Rufus yourself I guess you could look at it as being a good thing; people are less used to the matchup and mirror matches hardly ever happen.


Dont play him, wouldn’t mind learning him though, maybe it’s just a freak thing. When I marked down my second Rose I thought…well that’s a little weird where’s Rufus?


Definitely not top 10 tier wise. He has been severely nerfed in every game.


It’s hard to rely on a character that depends on one-framers in online matches. There are definitely very good offline rufus players out there.


Well ever since he’s been getting nerfed, people have been dropping him. You hardly see him in tournaments nowadays which makes me sad. I’ve been with Rufus since Super (I still regret not maining him while Vanilla was still dominate) and I’m not going to stop. He’s fun, great combos and lots of mix-ups and pressure.

I give props to all the Rufus players who still continue to stick with him despite the setbacks he’s been receiving.


I’ve only seen one Rufus player lately, and he’s an online friend; not seen anybody else use him seriously for some time (excluding self). Must be too easily spooked by the progressive degradation of the character or the idea that he’s supposedly obolsete in the wake of Yun.


I just started trying out Rufus. Im only a few days in… I think this is the longest ive gone with any character (including Hakan) that I am still pretty much free to EVERYONE with. Like guys whos only win of the hour came against me. As stated earlier… he doesnt seem to have any easy combos (with a decent amount of hit confirm). Yun’s jab into TC combo took me 2 tries in training room but i refuse to use him. Im gonna stick with him a while because I think I’ll be a stronger player once I ‘figure him out.’ Im gonna put in more lab work of course, but I just sorta expected Rufus to win some games for me (ie autopilot) at this point, not to have to win them all myself (basically only using normals and grabbing.) I like that his ultra is fairly easy to safely get out (TC,, messiah–lp fadc) but sometimes thats my only hit of the round… lol. And yes I’m at a casual level… but I think I can still make the comparison. I think Ive played like 5 Rufus’ since AE came out… maybe

Im not saying rufus is bad or that I expect to beat every one in less than a week. Just saying I underestimated the amount of work he takes. I can see why he isnt popular (if he gave ppl easy wins it wouldnt matter how big he is… ) . I can see people after the first few games saying screw this… lol… but im going to stick it out.


I think he’s lost his appeal. After all his nerfs, there’s not very much of a reason to play him because he’s good.

And after that, there isn’t much character appeal to Rufus. Nobody wants to play an overweight biker with a ponytail xD


Rufus is just a very mediocre character at this point. Your bread and butter is a one frame link that does pretty average damage. The damage on ex messiah is pretty average, and if they block it you end up spending 3 meters total to make it safe. Ultra 2 got nerfed into the ground.

Overall as mentioned previously everyone else has gotten better while Rufus has gotten nerfed in all 3 games so far, and he has 5/5 or worse matchups across the board. You can win with Rufus, but if you do so it is because of execution and matchup knowledge.


Dont know what half the people in this thread are talking about. Rufus combos are hella easy. Theres not one difficult rufus combo thats not overshadowed by a better easy combo. All of his bnbs are simple.


Because you have been using Rufus forever and his slk slk shp xx GT feels like a 5 frame link to you instead of the 1-frame link it is :wink: But actually ive been trying out dk slk slk clp xx ex gt. its way easier… i just dont like that it costs a meter considering the damage it does. especially since i feel like i need meter for jesus kicks. I get mashed out of the first combo so much :(. One good thing is im learning to bait better.

What are some easy combos that u can do from DK?


I don’t really think a combo with a single one framer is that hard but you can combo dive kick into pretty much any close normal if you hit low enough. You can hit confirm right into s.Hp or target combo ultra 1 is very easy.

Typing from phone sorry for bad formatting or grammar.


And everybody can drop the link easily because of the strict timing. I’ve seen Wong, Saulabis and Cobixinco drop the BnB link several times in casual and serious play for as long as SF4’s been around. It shouldn’t be about having to fight anal input rules or the controller. Mortal Kombat 9’s input reading is simply excellent; it removes a barrier to true game play. For combos players only have to worry about target placement which is an immediate part of the game.


I definitely disgree with you, I think mk9 has the most counter intuitive input system to date

I’m sorry but If you can’t get passed s.hp maybe you should be playing a character that doesn’t need links because it really doesn’t get much easier than that. If people could get over it maybe some real discussion could finally take place in this character thread which is easily one of the worst not to mention full of incorrect or unhelpful information.


In what ways? The way directional inputs for specials are done only come to mind which were geared more towards every other controller design so people don’t have to buy/use a fight stick controller. I don’t know how exactly it understands inputs but I’ve never had a problem picking up and pulling off a combo at all whereas with SF4 I would need at least 15 mins getting it down.


The problem is that is what ppl are doing :frowning: I think that was the OP point.

Having said that … Rufus is what he is… I think hes fun…


I find the system of inputting th moves beforehand really unnatural. For example playing Sonya you can’t do dive kick and then confirm the combo, you have to input the ground string whilst still airborne.

Anyways I think this topic is pretty derailed now


i feel like since the nerfs that alot of people complain about and since the new dive kick twins came out, rufus isnt really up to par in most peoples eye’s. i, for one, still play rufus because i just get that sensation out of playing him and im sure many other people still do. his dive kick still is one of the best, alot of health, good tools and mixup and thats pretty much what he needs. the only thing that rufus players suffer from is low stun in my opinion but for the most part, just block :3 haha

i feel like rufus is underused but its the underdogs that will make it back up to the top again!


Rufus probably not getting any higher on the tier list in 2012 because his bad matchups are pretty much all getting worse. The target combo buff will be nice and characters like akuma will be in Rufus’s favor again but for the most part the only characters getting nerfed Rufus already does well against. Zangief and thawk are going to be a fucking nightmare now.