Is Ryu a worthy R2 character?



My team consists of Sagat, Eagle, and Ryu…Im a better Ryu player than a Sagat player…I was wondering if anybody puts Ryu up as their Ratio 2 character? What are your opinions about this? Does Ryu fair up against R2 blanka’s and R2 sagat’s?


s groove ryu does :smiley: his dodge punch helps him alot vs sagat and blanka


Ryu is and always will b a favorite in the capcoms series to come. I have met up with a lot of really good ryu playas but not all of dem have shown me much wit him. Ryu can hol his graound against n e one in the line up he has great power and if your good wit him den sure i don c a prolem wit puttin him on a ratio 2


Shoot man! I use Ryu for level 4!!

No wussy characters except for Ryu to deal with. I think, if you got the skills, that’s all you need. You don’t need any gay characters with their GAY moves, its just about your skills!


my friend also uses a R4 Ryu (sometimes he goes Ken R1, Ryu R3, for a change) can be quite effective if used correctly…


Ratio 4 characters just arent a very good idea :slight_smile: Although I have seen an exception :lol:


Ryu my fave character, but i dont play with ratios, 3on3 is much cooler, you know to keep up with the tourneys. Yeah but if you do play with 4 ratio points then hell yeah ryu should be 2, as long as you learn some cool combos for example something simple like(thanks twenty arm): J.HK/HP, C.MK, QCFx2+MP, QCFx2+LP

If you do things like that then your in, remember to up your game practice comboing like that. Last week i thought i knew it all but when i started canceling and comboing, my game is amazing. I’ll be able to compete against the best in no time, well some time or else that would be some freak accident. Any how keep up your game and practice more


Ratio mode forever

Yeah he’s definatly R2 worthy. He’ll always been my man to kick ass when the chips are down.


I agree. Ryu is (almost) always the R2 for my team, and the last character I use to bail me out. :cool:


yup, ryu is my ratio 2 man, well i even surprise myself when my two ratio 1 characters got beaten up in the first round, my ryu still catches up and handles all three remaining opponents.
The only problem is Im having a hard time using him against Vega(claw)


I agree with you all. Ryu is the man. I’ve always stuck with him and I do pretty damn good with him. I pretty much use’em to bail me out of situation if they get bad. I’m not sure which character gives me the most trouble but if anything I’d have to say the stupid broad with the hawk. So short I can’t hit her at times.

I don’t know.


Sometimes Ryu has a bad matchup against RC Blanka!


Everyone has bad matchup against rc blanka :rolleyes:


I use Ryu as R2 a lot of the times. But I also don’t use a lot of Sagat either, so… :confused: But I think he is good enough to be a R2 if you can mix and play him good enough.