Is S.RH into F.Jet Upper even possible with a PS3 controller?



You know those little tutorial esc things in SF3TSOE? Well I can’t even get past the first one for Dudley. Apparently I’m supposed to do a roundhouse and then quickly do a F.JU but when I do a RH I get knocked back. No matter how fast I try I can’t do the F.JU in time which got me wondering if it’s because of my controller.

So, would getting an arcade stick make combos like this easier, or is it incredibly easy with a PS3 controller and my fingers are just really slow?


I believe you can do it. It isn’t exactly an easy thing to do on an arcade stick so don’t get frustrated. I’ve never tried to do it on a pad and I can imagine there will be difficulties. There are many factors that make this cancel difficult: it needs to be done at very close range, the motion and the button presses do need to happen very quickly so there are many input errors that can occur-such as getting f+rh or cr. rh or cr.fp.

           I would advise slowing things down and really trying to examine exactly what you are doing.  Despite the need to do the motion and button presses quickly trying to move faster increases the chance of learning an unreliable/improper method of doing this cancel.  First focus on accuracy and consistency, eventually you will get what you want.  This can be a bit challenging to do in 3S because there is no input display for training mode.  If you have other games with an input display I would say try a similar cancel or technique in those training modes to examine at your motions and button presses.  Deconstruct and re-construct your execution as necessary.