Is SAIII much better than SAI?

Hi all.

I’ve been playing Necro for awhile and more often than not, I usually pick SAI. It comes out quick, does great damage, and the meter fills up fairly quick.

I know that SAIII is used quite a lot for it’s stunning ability though. So if I use SAI over SAIII, is Necro not as good?

Is it more of a character-dependant thing where you’d use SAI against certain characters and SAIII against others?

for me is char dependant.
for example : i think sa1 is much better vs hugo because you can keep away him very badly

SAI seems more crucial to winning some match-ups than SAIII, but I knew a good player (wish I asked his name but he doesn’t post online anyway) who ALWAYS seemed to use SAIII. Sane players pick it more than half the time, but I pick SAI almost exclusively lol. It’s more fun, imo, and more versatile.

I AM trying to use SAIII more often (I’m dying to juggle stunned opponents after connecting it and I tend to prefer having multiple supers cos supers are threatening and fun in general :D), but I feel limited and it’s taking a long time to become effective with it…Necro feels like a different character because of it (moreso than switching supers for Dudley, e.g.).

SAIII only works in ground combos, but SAI allows good anti-air combos on airborne opponents, like b+mp/b+mk into SAI, which NO ONE parries, but you won’t get every hit (I usually go for it when I think I’ll be able to build meter well enough after it and I just need the damage cos it’s a difference maker at that point). SAI also allows resets that are very hard to air-parry cos you can alter the timing AND the vacuum property makes it hard to tell when it’ll touch them! You can do resets off of drill kicks, jumping lp/mp/hp, etc., and you can usually tell when you’re close enough and have enough time to land after the reset to hit them before THEY land. Sometimes I do drill kicks to pressure them cos they’re afraid to attack me air-to-air or they don’t even know about/remember the reset. Although there seems to be quite a bit of damage scaling in the following specific situation, doing a st. lp reset after the lp spin punch into SAI is hardly ever expected and also tough to parry (it’s nice to have the option, also, in case they tend to tech the walk-up throw or don’t try to reversal you to get out of the corner, after a lp reset).

Almost everyone agrees to use SAI against the “twins”, and Akuma, but Uni (a great JP Necro) uses SAIII against Yun, at least.

I think SAIII is most important to pick against Urien and Q (full-screen super stops Q from taunting, and you can trade hits w/ Urien’s projectile to get more stun on him. I think Coreografo was the guy who suggested this to me.

Ppl suggest that SAI is good against Chun cos you want to hit her as hard as you can each time you get an opening, yet others say you want super against her as much as possible for the threat of being stunned. SAI is better for pressure in general cos it has decent priority and that vacuum property. I don’t know WHY ppl get hit in the corner by b+mk, mp spin punch, SAIII, though, after getting knocked down into the corner (trying to parry?). It seems that b+mk is 1 of Necro’s higher-priority normals, but that ain’t saying much!

You can control spacing better against Alex, Dudley and Hugo with SAI, and they’re all relatively harder to stun than most opponents. I also like it to affect Makoto’s momentum, but her well-timed command grab can beat it! :frowning:

SAI is good against characters w/ odd jumps (Oro’s double-jump, e.g.) or that rely on jump-in attacks for pressure a lot (Ibuki, Twelve w/ his air-dash attacks), but I see ppl split between supers against Oro and Ibuki.

I prefer having SAI on cornered opponents cos I grab EVERYONE in the corner and then I get st. mp, SAI for good damage, and if they try to reversal/counter me after I bait them w/ ticks or whiffed pokes (mostly Kens do this), I get to super them anyway. A lot of ppl don’t block low in the corner, so I like cr. lk, SAI for good damage again. I’m also HORRIBLE at stunning ppl w/ SAIII, yet I occasionally stun ppl w/ normals, his back grab (leg-grab) and small combos that also leave them in the corner. I also like pressuring opponents w/ drill kicks and if they try to do ANYthing but hit me w/ a “better” super or perfectly-timed grab, if I do SAI, I hit them. I just want to make sure I get most of the hits of the super when doing the super as a reversal attack. As far as I can tell, the super does up to 13 hits, but I ONLY can get that many hits when it’s part of a 14-hit combo that involves a 1-hit normal like cr. lk or b+mk.

Cr. lk into SAI is almost always worth doing, if you get the chance, and on crouchers, the damage is AWESOME (even against someone w/ good hp like Alex). You can also do “denpa” (the dp-rotation shock special) randomly against ppl trying to dash in or move in on you, and cancel into super, though beware the damage scaling if it’s not worth it, and this is recommended more for SAIII. I’m most likely to connect cr. lk into SAI when ppl empty-jump (esp. when they time the jump so they land outside of throw range–not that closely). I rarely have the need to conserve super or meter (for EX attacks) unless I have a big hp advantage over the other player; esp. since Necro builds meter so fast by touching opponents/putting opponents into block-stun, for lack of a better description of touching but not hitting the opponent :stuck_out_tongue:

SAI lets you be more aggressive, and even though Necro–with his CRAP priority, or lack thereof–often must be played defensively and patiently, I find that SAI makes this mandatory less of the time when you have it stocked–players turtle and leave you more breathing room lol. I LOVE good, fast-paced matches, and the ONLY time I feel it’s ok (and not boring) to turtle is when I’m playing a good or superior player and I have a big hp advantage or have them close to stun and they’re afraid of taking any damage or stun >:D lol

The only things I like about SAIII are: 1) free cross-up after connecting; 2) b+mk, mp spin punch is worth doing a lot more cos you often have super stocked at that point (cancelling into SAI yields too much damage scaling, and not cancelling leaves you and your opponent too close together which is a big gamble for both players); 3) more meter for EX Flying Vipers, which I find very useful for mix-ups and pressure (esp. in the corner; and 4) if you EVER get the chance, doing cool juggles on stunned opponents in the corner.

I don’t feel that it’s as important to corner foes w/ SAI, but w/ SAIII, you want to connect super when they’re cornered so you can follow up w/ a couple hits to do more “stun-damage”. I usually connect SAIII away from the corner, so I don’t get NEARLY as much stun as I want, which is the WHOLE POINT, yeah?

I would say SAIII all the way. ya there are char specifics and all that, but using necro is not all about using his SA. Deadly necros use exes in place of SA for several reasons:

  1. EX uses half gauge of SAIII
  2. necro can build up half a guage just by mashing (i love this)
  3. you can juggle off of hcb.ppp or qcb.kkk
  4. after stunning in the corner, using an ex to finish the combo is better than using another SA due to scaling.
  5. you can scare ppl more with half a SAIII guage than you would with a full SAI. Why? because one combo in the corner can build up your gauge, possibally stun, and you can still build a little more gauge durning all your ass kickin.

not that you can really scare them where they dont do shit, but notice that when there is a good necro player, shotos and maks stop rushing in. chuns and yuns just dominate necro on a casual basis, so they dont count.

ya i think that is about it for now…

I believe this is in fact correct. I tend to use SA3 in almost every match up these days, and have success with it. The only characters I don’t use it on is Dudley, Oro and Hugo, and probably Chun as well, I use SA1 on them instead. Probably because they are so very hard to stun (Oro and Hugo), or dominates you so hard (Duds and Chun) that it is to much effort to stun them, better to rely on that ONE hit instead of those two combos plus a throw.

I prefer SA1. You just get more opportunities to connect this one. The damage is great if you hit confirm off a :amazed:

i dont like SAI cause it is to easy to parry and there is not enough bar to EX a lot. i can argue all day about how much SAIII is better than SAI, but i wont cause i am sick of it.

i would say that SAI does have its good moments vs chuns and yuns who just mash hp all day and try to over prioritize you every second of the round. fuck that

SAI only for: Hugo, Alex, 12, Q, Dudley, Oro, MAYBE twins

Reason being: Hard to stun due to high stun bar, in the air all the time so you NEED that relief sometimes even though it might do shitty damage.

Maybe on twins because their stun bar is not too shabby, but usually twins control the pace of the match, air, etc, etc.

i would say SAIII for hugo and alex man. the reason why i use SAIII is because EXing cappabliities, and the amount parries that could be linked to a nice bnb xx SAIII.

On the other hand, if you do the corner elbowing alot, you can link SAI in there for more damage.

lp.hooks >> db.hp db.hp db.hp xx SAI

no joke, its pretty good.

It’s not hard. The more agile characters like Chun, Dudley, the twins, Oro, Ibuki, Makoto…I advice the constant use of SAI, since you’ll need some relief from the relentless assaults of Chun, Dudley and the twins…plus Oro is just a small character. Makoto is known for countless assaults and fakeouts…and Ibuki has bread n butter combo’s…a random SAI will put them in their place for a bit, while you charge your meter with b-mp or b-mk.

For big characters (Alex, Hugo, Urien, Necro, shotos and any others I didnt mention) they require some EX to back them off…they give more damage and take less damage from Necro, cus lord knows he’s not the strongest of them all. I like trapping them in the corner with his elbow, then doing his triple clothesline, then link with a two hit electrical attack, then link that with his SAIII move…does a ton of stun damage…but it’s just another theory and just another situation. For randomness and quick counter attacking, yes his SAIII is perfect somewhat.

This thread is now closed. I mean who bothers using SAII?

lol I do…in fact I use it because my Necro ain’t no bitch and I can bring the heat…no ken, chun or dudley is keeping me in the corner o.O

fuck ya, i abuse SAII too. especially on SAI hugo. as long as necro activates FIRST, it WILL beat hugos SAI. it is easy to pull it out on shotos too cause shotos usually go for a or cr.lp/lk on wakeups or crossovers. taunting right after SAII is always my favorite ending too…

but ya this thread is beat though. burn it like a blunt

One more thing: The reaction on Hugo’s face when Necro does Slam Dance on him.


Like a retard finding out he’s a retard :slight_smile:

i like seeing the person’s face when they go to the yen exchange machine and see that a foreigner beet them with necro and slam dance. that and extra chuhais make my day :slight_smile: