Is Sakura a fanservice character?



Is Sakura a fanservice character?


what about gief, showing the world his pantsu


please stop with the useless threads with useless polls


since when were we able to make an account with katana, or any other foreign characters for that matter?


Useless yet you still replie to ALL of them. Goodbye.


this is the only one i’ve replied to so lol… i see your other ones in the newsfeed because you keep posting new threads every 5 seconds, theres general discussion threads for a reason. this type of question should really go in sakura general discussion and doesnt warrent a new thread.


YASSS! Keep BUMPING my thread girl! claps

Not to mention your posts are just as useless if you are OFF-TOPIC. And you are so: GOODBYE!



way to steal my catchphrase, stalker.

ok, i have useless posts in a useless thread. posting anything of value in here would simply make the thread seem like it has purpose. And we wouldn’t want to give you any false hope, now would we?


You really are trying it tonight. I’m gonna need to put you on ignore and let this thread keep going. I’ve some FACTS about Sakura to be exposed. Goodnight.


…you can’t even make a comprehensible sentence. this is an English language forum. I’m very forgiving of ESLers on this forum when they’re contributing/trying to learn but this is simply wasteful.


i ended up getting tired of sakura. ken is ryu, ryu is ken, ken and ryu are akuma, akuma, ryu, and ken are gouken, and sakura is just the female shoto.


I see you’re still bumping my thread. Dunno what you wrote (and don’t care really) but you really need to let the people vote. The ignore button was really useful, though.


I dont’ think you can create an account with japanese swords, but if you are refering to katakana, then the answer is probably around the same time the Internet implemented unicode (not 100% sure, feel free to correct me anybody)

Anyways, it’s nothing new, and it’s not that big a deal really.

Q: What did Kenshiro say to this thread?
A: お前はもう死んでいる。


You’re right.



Sure, so is Chun Li, Cammy, etc. They all appeal to some demographic.


What demographic? Men?


That’s one of them. :wink:


Yes she is a fan service, Japan has always placed certain female characters for perverts as myself to look at lets see here: Sakura=Panties good for teasing, Chun Li=fat ass thighs for smothering or crushing watermelons, Ibuki=big ass feet good for sole or footjobs my personal favorite

, Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury=Bouncing Tits awesome titjobs another favorite, She Hulk? Well she makes for good femdom. And Sheeva from Mortal Kombat?? Great for multitasking.

Lets just say that there’s no reason why you can’t get a handjob!


Sheeva is disgusting and not a fanservice character. But sakura is