Is Scorpion good for anything?


I picked up this game roughly two months ago. I love fighting games and I love DC, so I bought the game and started playing Scorpion. I don’t remember how that happened, but it just did. I do really like him as a character, and his playstyle but overtime I’ve come to realize a lot of his weaknesses (only has 2 useful strings, reactable - low damage vortex, MB teleport unsafe despite doing horrible damage, etc). He seems very high risk, low reward, and it seems that most of the wins that I get are largely due to a lack of matchup knowledge on my opponents end. I know that a lot of Scorpion players in the past have dropped him and so I ask, do I just need to drop him too or does he have any strengths that I’m just not seeing


Scorpion is a momentum character with 50/50 meter resets, that’s all I can really say about him since I don’t use him but I have fought plenty Scorpion players.
Seeing as how the Injustice section here has been left for dead, I recommend looking here.


Wow, there’s actually lot of info on that site for Scorpion. Thanks a lot bro, I’ll be scouting that out more often


have you seen this?