Is Sean the gayest shoto of all time?

Just wanted to see what yall think.

no, i thought it was pretty obvious that Akuma is a total fag.

Sean is the biggest pimp. his flourecent pink is proof of his pimpiness.

pink sean = top tier :tup:

honestly though im pretty solid with sean hes pretty useful if you stop putting him down all the time

give him a chance!!!

plus dan was the gayest shoto of all time FYI your advater rocks by the way archer

Yeah his roll mixup game is wicked…hes probably my best shoto actually cuz not many people know how to deal with him

exactly no one expects sean to rip it up his lp sean tackle is the best anti air move he has also his qcf+k does crazy stun damage

sean can only win with a pink outfit :tup:

Man I just ripped shop with Sean at the Augusta tourney yesterday lol

ummm black and white sean is the best :smiley:

Sean only got toned down in 3S, he was hella nasty in New Generation, actually the best shoto, and damn good in 2nd impact too

anyone find this hard to believe?

I do

sean is by far the most stylish shoto (excluding dan). I still havent decided what is more pimp; a 3 inch fireball, or throwing a basketball.

(3 inch fireball wins)

yea, sean is just unique compared to the other shotos in 3S. just look at my av.

I don’t, I’ve killed hella fools with him at tournies with the roll mixup game, hell me and Flash G’s Ken was at one hit left the last match I played him with Sean. I guess that’s the best shit he has though, well no it isn’t, actually I found an unblockable with him, but so far as I can see it works only perfectly on Urien, haven’t tested it on others too much. I did do it on a Chun Li too at the last tourney.

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guys, don’t do this to me.

pokes c royd with pointy stick

i got a question.

i never played sf second impact, whats the difference between 3S Sean and Second impact sean, what moves/combos did he lose in 3S that he had in SI?

2nd impact Sean and 3s Sean are two totally different chars. Imagine 3s ken, with more damaging combos, more versitility, much better uppercut, and youv’e got 2nd impact Sean.

Don’t bring it up, just pisses me off thinking about it :mad:

2nd Impact Sean is brutal. Sean does crazy damage with every move he’s got . His moves can’t be snuffed out as much. His damage and attacking ability was toned WAY down for Third Strike. Which makes you wonder if he trained more with Dan than he did with Ken :wink:

WTF happened? What did Capcom do to Sean?! its a shame they made him not as good in 3S. I wish there was a SI combo video so i could see videos of the old Sean. It’s like how they made Chun Li a weaker character in MvC2 than she was in MvC.

so are y’all tellin me Sean was actually good in SI and possible top tier or near the top tier? possibly the BEST shoto??

Also, i heard that his old uppercut looks like the victory stance he does in 3S when he jumps up and says somethin in Japanese. is that true?

Something like that. Kind of a dragon punch into a jumping fierce 2 hit move I think.

cptmunta thats a nice av. that background from street fighter turbo from ryu’s stage is tight. that must be sf2 turbo or championship i think, because i remember original sf 2 had a red colored sky on ryus stage, the other games after had that blue colored sky.

Shut up you stupid fuck, I made a new account, I’ve been on SRK since before you, as HaoGui around 2000